New Engine Prototype That Mixes Gasoline and Diesel Gets 55 Percent Efficient

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have recently unveiled a concept engine that can be from 20 to 30 percent more fuel-efficient than classic models. It would also be substantially cheaper to produce, since the emissions are lower than those of conventional engines and expensive catalyst units are not needed any longer (in some cases, their price can reach that of the engine's).
Audi 3.0ℓ TDI's Variable Vane Turbocharger Makes for a +30% Green Car

2014 Green Car Technology Award Nominee – Audi 3.0L TDI Diesel Engine

In just about a month, Green Car Journal, at the 2014 Washington Auto Show, will present the winner of the 2014 Green Car Technology...
Jay Leno Introducing the US Army's HUMVEE Replacement, the FED

US Army’s 7mpg HUMVEE Replacement, More Fuel Efficient

Military vehicles are in a class all their own, and the same is true for the US Army's HUMVEE replacement, which is rated at...

European Union to Implement Drastic Carbon Dioxide Reductions by 2020

There will be drastic reductions in CO2 emissions for new cars and light commercial vehicles by 2020. The European Commission reported this news as...

Mazda Hydrogen Car – to be Tested on Japan’s Roads

Mazda is in the process of testing a car that runs on both hydrogen and gasoline (it's a dual fuel system). They're allowed to test the car on the public roads from Japan.
Audi A6 Avant has the Fuel Economy of a Toyota Matrix

Audi Boosts Fuel Economy by Deactivating Cylinders

As emissions regulations for the automobile industry continue to strengthen, automakers are looking for the best ways to reduce fuel economy without impacting performance. Audi's...
ETH Zurich's Natural Gas Engine - 39.6% Efficient!

Hybrid Diesel Natural Gas Engine Developed with 39.6% Efficiency – ETH Zurich

The typical natural gas engine is essentially a modified gasoline engine with slightly different ignition mapping to account for natural gas' lower energy content. Natural...
KSPG's Electric Vehicle Range Extender, About as Quiet as the Spare Tire Cubby it Fits Into

New Electric Vehicle Range-Extender Allays Range-Jitters Quietly

Extended-range electric vehicles (EREV) such as the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, actually suffer from a noise problem. Range jitters are pretty close to the...
Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel Fuel Economy Rated at 46MPG

Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel Fuel Economy Rated at 46MPG

Perhaps you may know the Chevy Volt for being a remarkably fuel-conscious vehicle. Engineers at General Motors have produced a remarkable diesel-powered vehicle with...

Ciatti's Gasoline-Burning Diesel Engine Emits Less Soot and Nitrous Oxides

Diesel and gasoline engines have been the only way to move around since the 19th century (maybe with some small, electric exceptions for a short while). Though having low efficiency numbers (20 percent) when compared to their counterparts, gasoline engines still found their place on the market, mostly because in the first hundred years they had the advantage of being quicker, more responsive and now for not emitting soot and nitrous oxides.