2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

30 MPG 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Some Calling “Bulls**t”

I've been reading up on the news, a little, and it seems odd that while some makers garner rave reviews when they release a...
Audi A6 Avant has the Fuel Economy of a Toyota Matrix

Audi Boosts Fuel Economy by Deactivating Cylinders

As emissions regulations for the automobile industry continue to strengthen, automakers are looking for the best ways to reduce fuel economy without impacting performance. Audi's...
Fun and Fuel Economy, Who Knew?

How Small Engine Turbo Improves Fuel Economy

Typically, even a low-boost small engine turbo can deliver 25% more power than its non-boosted sister. That means that even a tiny turbocharged i3 can...

Mazda Adding Start/Stop Technology to All Their Cars by 2015: EPA Opposes

Idling your car at a stoplight is always damaging your plans of saving fuel and the air quality. I know someone who lives close to a stoplight and he says the air is much more polluted there than in other areas.
KSPG's Electric Vehicle Range Extender, About as Quiet as the Spare Tire Cubby it Fits Into

New Electric Vehicle Range-Extender Allays Range-Jitters Quietly

Extended-range electric vehicles (EREV) such as the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, actually suffer from a noise problem. Range jitters are pretty close to the...
Tula Technology says Dynamic Skip Fire could improve fuel economy by 15%

New Software Could Improve Conventional Vehicle Fuel Economy by 15%

Mechanically-speaking, the internal combustion has changed little in the last century, refinements enabling more power and better fuel economy, but there are limits. The first...

Honda to Revive 40 Year-Old CVCC Engine as a Hybrid Version

Once the main innovator in the field of motoring, Honda is now hoping to catch up with fuel efficiency measures from all over the...
AirBus Fires Up A350-XWB's Rolls Royce Engines For First Time - Should Better Fuel Economy

Airbus A350-XWB Composite Design for Better Fuel Economy – Test Flight Soon?

Everyone is looking to cut costs, and in the transportation industry, whether light vehicles or aircraft, fuel economy is the number one way to...
Green Car Technology in a Light Duty Pickup Truck

2014 Green Car Technology of the Year Award – The Green Optimistic Picks

January 22, on the second Policy Day at the 2014 Washington Auto Show, Green Car Journal will announce the winner of the 2014 Green...

Student-Built Ultra-Efficient Car Does 1,980 MPG

The annual Mileage Marathon Challenge near Leicester, England gathered a group of students from several schools and universities this year. The surprising thing is they weren't the ones cheering in the stands, as you may imagine â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“ they were actually the ones driving the models they had designed in class!