Ford's EcoBoost 1.0-Liter Engine Will Feature 3 Cylinders and Lots of Power

US-based giant car manufacturer Ford Motor Co. is planning to introduce one of the smallest engines ever created into the auto market. According to the company, 90 percent of its vehicles will be equipped with EcoBoost powertrains in the United States by 2013.

German Engineers Develop Diesel Engine With Barely Detectable Emissions

Engineers from the Technische Universitaet Munchen (TUM) have shown an engine prototype whose emissions are very close to the Euro 6 standard, even though the Euro 5 norm has just been put into force three months ago for all new car models.

Norwegian Airline Most Fuel Efficient, British Airways – the Least

British Airways and Lufthansa top the chart for the least fuel efficient carriers, contributing the most to carbon pollution from aviation. Air travel has quite...

AB Engine 44% More Efficient Than Any Other ICE

On November 14, 2012 AB Engine, Inc. was granted a Chinese patent titled “High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine” which protects and details a method...

Fuel Vapors System Runs Car in Charlotte County

Have your every drove your car on "fumes"? They're gas vapors that form when it evaporates. One man, John Weston, from Charlottle County, FL, has found these fumes useful and made a fueling system out of them so his car gets an incredible mileage: 463 miles per gallon! In European measurements (if I'm correct) this is 0.8L/100km!!! Wow! Not even VW's latest gadget car can't get this mileage!

Volkswagen XL1, The 270 MPG Diesel Hybrid to be Exhibited in Geneva

Volkswagen XL1, a diesel hybrid that has a fuel efficiency to be envied by GM or Toyota: 270 miles per gallon, while doing 60...

Revetec Controlled Combustion Engine: 50% less fuel, 100% power

A better combustion engine is the one recently patented by Revetec, a small company from Australia. Their engine has been tested by independent parties. It has the same power as an ordinary engine, but it consumes half the fuel and it weights 50% less. It's also smaller than the average car engine.

VW Golf BlueMotion TDI – 74MPG – Better Than Prius?

The most known German car maker Volkswagen, and the most popular car in Europe, VW Golf, hits again these days as Volkswagen unveils their latest BlueMotion car. They already have unveiled other BlueMotion machines, but this time it is Golf's time to be in the spotlight.
Start-Stop Technology [SST] Could be the Next Logical Step in Helping Consumers to Adopt Hybrid Vehicles

Light Hybrid Vehicles May be The Next Best Thing

To reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, hybrid vehicles are a pretty good option that aren't nearly as expensive as pure electric vehicles. In the...
Airbus A350-XWB Fuel Efficient Composite Aircraft Made Its Maiden Flight This Morning

Airbus A350-XWB, Maiden Flight of Fuel Efficient Composite Jumbo Jet

Fuel efficient aircraft are critical to maintaining the bottom line in the airline industry. Recent developments in engine and aircraft design, such as the...