The Waissi Engine, Plenty of Innovation Left in Internal Combustion

New Waissi Engine Simpler and More Efficient, Arizona State University

The Waissi Engine is of an opposed-piston design, much like that being developed by Achates Power or EcoMotors, with one important difference: Waissi's engine...

BMW's New 116D (Diesel) as Efficient as Today's Hybrids

German vehicle constructor BMW is trying to show us that it can produce not only fast, luxury and fuel-greedy vehicles, but also very fuel-efficient cars. BMW's 1 series is offering the greenest diesel experience from BMW. The 2 liters four-cylinder diesel...

Rotating Detonation Engines Could Replace Turbines in US Navy

The gas-turbine engine, or jet engine, isn't only found on jets, but in other applications as well. The US Navy doesn't only use turbines...

Better Place: Electric Car Battery Swapping Service Envisioning Worldwide Expansion

You may have probably heard of Project Better Place before - it's the business led by Shai Agassi that imposes itself a truly hard to get goal: to make a network of battery swapping and charging stations for the not-so-distant electric cars.
Daihatsu Mira e:S, Most Fuel-Efficient Conventional Vehicle?

Daihatsu Mira e:S, the Most Fuel-Efficient Gas Vehicle

The Daihatsu Mira e:S was rated at 30km/ℓ on the JC08 fuel consumption test. It weighs 1,700lb and is powered by a 660cc i3...

New Electric Field Device Reduces Car Fuel Consumption by 20%

Professor Rongija Tao, from Temple University, invented a device that, applied to the vehicle's fuel line, near the injectors, creates an electric field that reduces the fuel's viscosity, so that smaller droplets are injected into the engine, leading to better combustion and increased fuel efficiency as much as 20%.
Super Fuel Efficient Vehicle gets 3,587mpg!

Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Yields Super Fuel Efficient [3,587mpg] Reliant Robin

When we think fuel efficient, we might think hybrid or electric and this maxes out our brains at a little over 100mpge, so how...
Looks like Half an Engine with Fuel Efficiency of Half an Engine, but Performs like Bigger Engines

MG Launching Small Turboboosted Engines for Fuel Efficiency and Power

There are a number of ways to increase fuel efficiency, turboboosting, as used in the new Ford EcoBoost engine lineup, adds power, but also...

Norwegian Airline Most Fuel Efficient, British Airways – the Least

British Airways and Lufthansa top the chart for the least fuel efficient carriers, contributing the most to carbon pollution from aviation. Air travel has quite...

Mazda Hydrogen Car – to be Tested on Japan’s Roads

Mazda is in the process of testing a car that runs on both hydrogen and gasoline (it's a dual fuel system). They're allowed to test the car on the public roads from Japan.