Air Filter That Sensibly Increases Engine Power and MPG Patented by Romanian Engineer

Corneliu Birtok-Baneasa, a Romanian engineer, has invented a groundbreaking air filter that decreases the fuel consumption by 10 to 15 percent and  raises an...

VW Golf BlueMotion TDI – 74MPG – Better Than Prius?

The most known German car maker Volkswagen, and the most popular car in Europe, VW Golf, hits again these days as Volkswagen unveils their latest BlueMotion car. They already have unveiled other BlueMotion machines, but this time it is Golf's time to be in the spotlight.
BMW Active Tourer Hybrid Concept

BMW Offers a Three-Cylinder in its Latest Hybrid Active Tourer Concept

The BMW Active Tourer Concept vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, with a twist. Instead of the hybrid drive-train being mated with an inline four-cylinder...

“Transonic” Engine – New Injection System, No Ignition System

Transonic Combustion, a start-up company is developing a more efficient ICE technology that could lead to further increases in efficiency. The gasoline-powered internal combustion engine ...

Pratt & Whitney`s Geared Jet Engine Turbo-Fan to Burn 15% Less Fuel

One of the biggest names in aviation, Pratt & Whitney, spent almost twenty years developing the geared turbofan engine that burns 12 to 15% less fuel than other jet engines. The new turbofan engine also cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 1,500 tons/plane yearly.

New Catalytic Converter Increases Fuel Efficiency and Drops Tailpipe Pollution

One of the most important components in a vehicle for controlling exhaust emission is the catalytic converter. Even though this is common knowledge, there...

HCCI Engine: No-Spark Gasoline Engine as Efficient as Diesel

If you ever had a diesel car, you know that it's more fuel efficient than the gasoline counterpart. That's because diesel engines use compression to ignite the fuel, and gasoline engines use a spark to do that. Practically, diesel engines could work without any electricity - at all.
Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel Fuel Economy Rated at 46MPG

Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel Fuel Economy Rated at 46MPG

Perhaps you may know the Chevy Volt for being a remarkably fuel-conscious vehicle. Engineers at General Motors have produced a remarkable diesel-powered vehicle with...

Mazda Adding Start/Stop Technology to All Their Cars by 2015: EPA Opposes

Idling your car at a stoplight is always damaging your plans of saving fuel and the air quality. I know someone who lives close to a stoplight and he says the air is much more polluted there than in other areas.
AirBus Fires Up A350-XWB's Rolls Royce Engines For First Time - Should Better Fuel Economy

Airbus A350-XWB Composite Design for Better Fuel Economy – Test Flight Soon?

Everyone is looking to cut costs, and in the transportation industry, whether light vehicles or aircraft, fuel economy is the number one way to...