Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicle >261mpg

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Electric Vehicle gets 261MPG with Supercar Roots

The XL1 owes its unspeakably awesome fuel economy to the generous application of supercar technology. Question: How do you make the most of the engine...
Looks like Half an Engine with Fuel Efficiency of Half an Engine, but Performs like Bigger Engines

MG Launching Small Turboboosted Engines for Fuel Efficiency and Power

There are a number of ways to increase fuel efficiency, turboboosting, as used in the new Ford EcoBoost engine lineup, adds power, but also...
Volvo Engine Architecture [VEA] Power of Six, Fuel Economy of Four

Volvo’s New Engines Big on Fuel Economy AND Performance

This fall, Volvo will unveil a new line of engines that offer better fuel economy without sacrificing performance. As concerns over vehicle emissions continue to...

Student-Built Ultra-Efficient Car Does 1,980 MPG

The annual Mileage Marathon Challenge near Leicester, England gathered a group of students from several schools and universities this year. The surprising thing is they weren't the ones cheering in the stands, as you may imagine â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“ they were actually the ones driving the models they had designed in class!

Mazda Adding Start/Stop Technology to All Their Cars by 2015: EPA Opposes

Idling your car at a stoplight is always damaging your plans of saving fuel and the air quality. I know someone who lives close to a stoplight and he says the air is much more polluted there than in other areas.

VW Golf BlueMotion TDI – 74MPG – Better Than Prius?

The most known German car maker Volkswagen, and the most popular car in Europe, VW Golf, hits again these days as Volkswagen unveils their latest BlueMotion car. They already have unveiled other BlueMotion machines, but this time it is Golf's time to be in the spotlight.
Ford's 1.0ℓ EcoBoost Engine Boost Power and Reduces Vehicle Emissions

China’s Turbocharged Future Will Reduce Vehicle Emissions

The main way to reduce vehicle emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. Typically, reducing fuel consumption requires reducing engine size and power, which isn't...
BMW Active Tourer Hybrid Concept

BMW Offers a Three-Cylinder in its Latest Hybrid Active Tourer Concept

The BMW Active Tourer Concept vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, with a twist. Instead of the hybrid drive-train being mated with an inline four-cylinder...
Audi, In The Real World, Produces about 28% More Carbon Dioxide Than Audi Claims

See Which EU Automakers Fuzzy Carbon Dioxide Emissions Math

Granted, carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy measurements are hardly real-world, but it seems that some automakers have a little more tolerance built into...

Startup Elio Motors to Buy GM Plant for Building 60 mpg Car

Elio Motors in Shreveport, Louisiana wants to by a former General Motors plant in order to manufacture and sell their low-cost, high MPH car. One...