Austrian Hypermiler Does Amazing 1242 Miles and 127.9 MPG In a Classic Diesel, Around...

It's not the Prius, it's not the Volt, it's not any hybrid car, but a turbocharged diesel one: a 1.2-liter Skoda Fabia. Austrian hypermiler Gerhard Plattner has just proved that an ordinary diesel car can go 2,000 kilometers (1,242.7 miles) with just one 45-liter fuel tank, reaching an astonishing 127.9 miles per gallon.
ETH Zurich's Natural Gas Engine - 39.6% Efficient!

Hybrid Diesel Natural Gas Engine Developed with 39.6% Efficiency – ETH Zurich

The typical natural gas engine is essentially a modified gasoline engine with slightly different ignition mapping to account for natural gas' lower energy content. Natural...

Obama’s Proposal to Raise Fuel Economy Creates 570,000 U.S. Jobs

The Obama Administration's recent proposal to reduce fuel use is expected to create 570,000 jobs in the U.S. by 2030. Of this figure, 50,000...

Rotating Detonation Engines Could Replace Turbines in US Navy

The gas-turbine engine, or jet engine, isn't only found on jets, but in other applications as well. The US Navy doesn't only use turbines...

ETV Motors to Launch Jet Turbine-Based Prius with Higher MPG

Israeli start-up ETV Motors, located in Tel Aviv has invested about $12 million in this technology that combines a car, electricity and a jet engine. The prototype of a modified Prius will be ready next year for testing.

HCCI Engine: No-Spark Gasoline Engine as Efficient as Diesel

If you ever had a diesel car, you know that it's more fuel efficient than the gasoline counterpart. That's because diesel engines use compression to ignite the fuel, and gasoline engines use a spark to do that. Practically, diesel engines could work without any electricity - at all.
Flying Wing Prototype - NASA X-48B

NASA’s “Flying Wing” Aircraft Prototype Twice as Efficient

While aviation engineers have long known that a “flying wing” aircraft would be more efficient than the traditional tubular fuselage aircraft we see today,...

Transonic Combustion's New Ultra-Efficient Engine Gets Up to 98 MPG

A California-based company called Transonic Combustion has recently developed a very efficient fuel-injection system that can put on hold the production of expensive gas-electric hybrids. With a cruising speed of 50 miles per hour, the test car was able to get 98 miles per gallon.

EATR Robot Powered by Vegetation and a New, Efficient Steam Engine

Steam power is being revived as Robotic Technology Inc. develops the "EATR" as in Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot - basically a robot that can have a meal of gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, etc and biomass, thus never having to be recharged as long as it has some wood sticks around.
KSPG's Electric Vehicle Range Extender, About as Quiet as the Spare Tire Cubby it Fits Into

New Electric Vehicle Range-Extender Allays Range-Jitters Quietly

Extended-range electric vehicles (EREV) such as the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, actually suffer from a noise problem. Range jitters are pretty close to the...