Revetec Controlled Combustion Engine: 50% less fuel, 100% power

A better combustion engine is the one recently patented by Revetec, a small company from Australia. Their engine has been tested by independent parties. It has the same power as an ordinary engine, but it consumes half the fuel and it weights 50% less. It's also smaller than the average car engine.

Better Place: Electric Car Battery Swapping Service Envisioning Worldwide Expansion

You may have probably heard of Project Better Place before - it's the business led by Shai Agassi that imposes itself a truly hard to get goal: to make a network of battery swapping and charging stations for the not-so-distant electric cars.
Fun and Fuel Economy, Who Knew?

How Small Engine Turbo Improves Fuel Economy

Typically, even a low-boost small engine turbo can deliver 25% more power than its non-boosted sister. That means that even a tiny turbocharged i3 can...
Mazda2 Plug-In Concept is an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

Rotary Engine Resurrected in Mazda2 Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Concept

When it comes to fuel economy, smaller vehicles, such as the Mazda2, take high honors, usually sacrificing performance. Electric vehicles, on the other hand,...
Volvo Engine Architecture [VEA] Power of Six, Fuel Economy of Four

Volvo’s New Engines Big on Fuel Economy AND Performance

This fall, Volvo will unveil a new line of engines that offer better fuel economy without sacrificing performance. As concerns over vehicle emissions continue to...

A New "Open Rotor" Jet Engine That Could Reduce Fuel Consumption

NASA and GE Aviation are testing a new "open rotor" jet engine with a different design that puts the fan blades on the outside...

Gasoline And Steam Engine Reloaded

Bruce Crower's engine is an innovation derived from a standard 4-stroke engine. It uses 6 strokes - the 4 normal ones, and at the...
BMW Active Tourer Hybrid Concept

BMW Offers a Three-Cylinder in its Latest Hybrid Active Tourer Concept

The BMW Active Tourer Concept vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, with a twist. Instead of the hybrid drive-train being mated with an inline four-cylinder...

Mazda Adding Start/Stop Technology to All Their Cars by 2015: EPA Opposes

Idling your car at a stoplight is always damaging your plans of saving fuel and the air quality. I know someone who lives close to a stoplight and he says the air is much more polluted there than in other areas.
Audi, In The Real World, Produces about 28% More Carbon Dioxide Than Audi Claims

See Which EU Automakers Fuzzy Carbon Dioxide Emissions Math

Granted, carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy measurements are hardly real-world, but it seems that some automakers have a little more tolerance built into...