IBM Helping Denmark Develop Country-Wide Electric Car Network

I was saying the other year that Denmark is powered mostly by its wind farms, and that the energy generated by these wind farms is in excess. They want to build an electric car network that would operate across the country and that would use the excess energy and transport it to propel people from here to there, cheaply and in an environmentally friendly fashion.

VoltAir Electric Airplane Presented At Paris Air Show 2011

Hybrid and electric cars are just the first step in the electrification of everything that moves us. VoltAir, presented at last week's Paris Air Show, is the next-generation electric airplane that may carry us between continents by 2035.

Elon Musk Interview: How Model S Manages Cold Weather

Now that the New York Times scandal is over, I interviewed Elon Musk about some technical facts on how the Tesla Model S handles...
Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle - Latest Two-Ton Gadget

Profiling Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Drivers

Statistically-speaking, what separates the buyer of an electric vehicle from the buyer of a hybrid electric vehicle? A number of things, as a matter...
Tesla Model S Final Inspection is World Class

Tesla Model S Quality Control, World Class Final Inspection

After a client places their order for a new Tesla Model S, there's typically a two- to three-month wait until they take delivery of...

Nissan Wants to Sell 1.5 Million Electric Cars By 2016

Nissan, second-largest automaker behind Toyota, plans to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles worldwide by 2016, the company announced this week. They have decided to...

Charge Your Leaf's Battery to 80% In Three Hours With SolarCity's Newest Solar Charger

SolarCity, the company that leases solar panels and that has recently been funded by Google with $280 million, now announces that it will sell electric car chargers that will be able to charge a Nissan Leaf to 80 percent in three hours.