2012 Nissan Leaf: Fast Charging, Heated Seats, Available to More States

Yesterday, Nissan launched the 2012 model of the Leaf electric sedan and, as company officials claim, it will be available in more states than the current version. The electric car will have more features, including a fast charging mode, a cold-weather package and a higher price tag starting at $35,200.

Genepax (Japanese Water Car Company) Shut to Silence

In June last year, everyone may have heard the buzz about a japanese water car. The buzz was about Genepax, a company from Japan who had claimed that they invented a revolutionary system that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen and then uses a fuel cell to recombine it and generate electricity. That electricity would have driven a car, fact that they demonstrated in front of the press at that time.

The Nissan Leaf Production Started In Japan – First Shipments Expected This Year

The first factory to manufacture the Nissan Leaf, in Oppama, Japan, started producing functional units on October 22. The first shipments will be made to Japan and the US this November and to Europe starting December.

Nissan Wants to Build Self-Driving Vehicles by 2020

Nissan is well on its way to actually getting self-driving vehicles on the road. Their Nissan Leaf, an electric car, is being equipped with...
Mazda2 Plug-In Concept is an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

Rotary Engine Resurrected in Mazda2 Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Concept

When it comes to fuel economy, smaller vehicles, such as the Mazda2, take high honors, usually sacrificing performance. Electric vehicles, on the other hand,...
Chevy Sail Production Model Doesn't Meet India Vehicle Emissions Standards

Vehicle Emissions Numbers Misrepresented in India, General Motors Sacks Those Responsible

General Motors is setting the bar high for employee accountability. “Your Mileage May Vary” is not enough when someone purposely misrepresents vehicle emissions data. What...
Speed and Distance Log from Tesla Model S - Driven and "Reviewed" by John Broder of the New York Times

Tesla Motors’ Drive Data After New York Times Bashes the Model S

We've been following this story closely and we're wondering what New York Times' reporter John Broder was thinking when he made his determinations on...
Could Electric Vehicle Battery Packs Benefit from this Tiny Sensor?

Embedded Sensors Could Improve Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

Electric vehicle battery packs aren't as simple as a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable “AA” battery, but then, is even the rechargeable lithium-ion battery...
New York City Will Fine you $1,000 for Riding This Electric Bike

Electric Bikes Banned in NYC, Biking Law a Little Short-Sighted

Electric bikes are a great way to get around, especially on city streets. They take up almost no room and you can park them...

GM and Opel Will Part Ways From Now On

General Motors broke its ties with its European Operations; however, Opel's CEO will stay in its job, and he is hopeful for the future...