2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is only given away by the "Hybrid" tag.

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid “One of Everything, Please”

The new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is a beautiful example of a hybrid electric vehicle that doesn't seem to look the part. What I’m trying...

Quant F – Flow Cell Sports Car on Display at Geneva Motor Show

This year at the Geneva Motor Show, an exciting new technological wonder was on display: a sports car that runs off "flow cell" technology. The...

Haynes Releases Toyota Prius Repair Handbook

Now, in the times of hybrid cars that nobody knows how to repair, they are also trying to make a name by releasing a Toyota Prius repair handbook. Even if you're a rookie in car repairs, or an advanced mechanic (or electrician), you can learn how to fix the very complicated hybrid car.
Peugeot Hybrid 208 2L - Based on the current PureTech 208 (pictured)

Peugeot Hybrid 208 2L gets over 110 mpg

Given that transportation is the most widespread source of carbon dioxide emissions, albeit not the greatest source, it is encouraging to see cars breaking...

The Three Fears I Had to Overcome Before Buying My Prius

So I bought a Prius - a 2004 one, which is the first wave of the second iteration Toyota took to the market. And...

Plug-In EVs and Hybrids Could Help Reduce Health-Damaging Ozone, Study Says

A recent study performed by University of Texas researchers shows the advantages of using plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the upcoming Prius over the ozone. The scenario in which the ozone layer is badly affected by pollution is already well documented, but the basics fact is that the gas is formed when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides react with sunlight. For humans, though, breathing ozone in high quantities can be damaging for health by causing respiratory problems.

Namir: The World's Fastest Hybrid Car

A few days ago, the Geneva Motor Show was the event where we could see the hybrid that can travel 187 mph (almost 301 km/hour), or 2,000 km without recharging or refilling.
VW e-Golf Concept

Volkswagen Sees Electrification as the Path Forward

As the price of fuel continues to rise and emissions regulations become more stringent, automakers are scrambling to get their vehicles up to par....

Ford Unveils Electric and Hybrid C-Max at The Detroit International Auto Show

C-Max Energi and C-Max Hybrid are the latest MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) presented by Ford at the Detroit International Auto Show. Judging from recent Ford history, it seems like the U.S. company specializes in family cars, as the wide range of options include the Ford Flex, Escape, Explorer and Edge, not to mention the Fusion, Fiesta or Focus models.

Building Hybrid Electric Vehicles Cheaper

With the increasingly strict standards regarding fuel economy and emissions, auto manufacturers have been making plenty of advancements in automobile technology. Over the last...