Toyota Mirai's zero-emissions high-tech hybrid is "the future" of automobile transportation.

Toyota Mirai is “The Future” of Toyota, Literally!

The culmination of decades of research and development, Toyota’s first mass-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, will start deliveries next month in...
Toyota FT-HT Hybrid Vehicle Concept Inspires New Toyota Yueija for Chinese Market

Toyota Yueija: China’s Newest Hybrid Vehicle That Won’t Be Called “Prius”

China is the world's fastest-growing automobile market, and Toyota's new hybrid is aiming right for the hearts of younger buyers. The new elite in China,...

Obama's New Law will Require Automakers to Add Sounds to Quiet Vehicles

It is likely that the blind and other pedestrians will be alerted by adding different sounds to cars since a bill was signed into law by Barack Obama, the U.S. president.
BMW X5 eDrive - Over 60 mpg in a Luxury SUV?

BMW X5 eDrive – 62 MPG Plug-In Hybrid SUV

BMW has been toying with us, showing off various plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the auto shows, but could the BMW X5 eDrive be...
Start-Stop Technology [SST] Could be the Next Logical Step in Helping Consumers to Adopt Hybrid Vehicles

Light Hybrid Vehicles May be The Next Best Thing

To reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, hybrid vehicles are a pretty good option that aren't nearly as expensive as pure electric vehicles. In the...
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid vs Tesla Model S 85kWh Performance

The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is being released in November, ostensibly as a direct competitor for the Tesla Model S 85kWh Performance, but how...
Ford Fusion Energi - Learning to Drive Plug-In Vehicles

Ford Plug-In Vehicle Drivers May Need to Adjust Driving Habits for Higher MPG

Currently, Ford Motor Company has three plug-in vehicles, including the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle Ford Fusion Energi, C-Max Energi, and a pure electric...

The Three Fears I Had to Overcome Before Buying My Prius

So I bought a Prius - a 2004 one, which is the first wave of the second iteration Toyota took to the market. And...

Low-Emission Tribrid Scooter Powered by Solar Energy

A group of students at the Canara Engineering College built a low-emission tribrid scooter that is powered by solar energy, being equipped with onboard photovoltaic panels.

Researchers Developing Hybrid Retrofit Kit That Could Turn Your Car Into a Hybrid

A research team at the Tennessee Tech University and Middle Tennessee State University has developed a Plug-in Hybrid Retrofit Kit that allows car owners to convert their regular cars to a hybrid vehicle.