DEKA Revolt: First Hybrid Stirling Engine Car – Powered by Anything!

Dean Kamen, a UK inventor, has just released to the public a modified electric Ford Th!nk, hacked in his DEKA labs. DEKA is his company located in Manchester Millyard. Kamen's modified electric car has a Stirling engine onboard, into the trunk. He uses the stirling engine mainly to defrost and heat the car, because the systems doing that are huge power consumers.
FIrst Commercial-Scale Solar Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens in UK

First Commercial-Scale Solar Hydrogen Fuel Generator Opens in UK

Hydrogen fuel can indeed be produced via electrolysis, which requires connection to some kind of power source, be it a coal-fired power plant or...
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - We'll be Seeing More of These Every Day!

Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the US Rising

Aside from charging at home, the first thing you'll want to consider when looking at electric vehicles is if there are any charging stations...

VW Presents Its New Coupe Hybrid Concept at NAIAS in Detroit

2010 comes with no surprises anymore as it continues the trend imposed last year, when most of the manufacturers presented electric vehicles and hybrid or plug-in hybrids.
Lola Drayson B12/69 EV

How Hybrid and Electric Cars Compete With Gas-Powered Performance

There's been a great deal of attention placed on electric cars in the past couple of weeks, specifically when it comes to racing. Not...

Urbee 2 Hybrid is Strong, Light 3D-Printed Car

The Urbee 2 is a futuristic 3D-printed car with three wheels and a hybrid engine and also features top speeds of 110 mph with...
External Airbag Test @ 25mph

Future Airbags to Protect Pedestrians, Too

Good news for cyclist and pedestrians, tomorrow's vehicles might have airbags! Wait, don't most vehicles come with airbags these days? Of course, airbags in...
Mitsubishi's Pikes Peak Entry Renewed Interest in Developing More Hybrid Vehicle Technology for Consumers

Mitsubishi Hybrid Vehicles Delayed by High Demand and Poor Infrastructure

Looking at the diminutive and somewhat underwhelming Mitsubishi i-MiEV, you might come to the conclusion that Mitsubishi isn't pushing hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles...

Prettier 2016 Toyota Prius Comes Back in Super Bowl Ad

Toyota Motors Corporation in Chicago, officially announced their return to Super Bowl ads, featuring their 2016 version of the Prius. It was noted, that the...

Volvo Going After The Title of World's Fastest Hybrid Truck

After overcoming a previous world speed record for the standing kilometer in June 2010 with a diesel model, Volvo Trucks is now producing a new version of the diesel-electric hybrid version "Mean Green" and is going after the title of World's Fastest Hybrid Truck in spring 2011.