New Backup Electric Motor for Light Aircraft Designed for More Power and Safety

A new and small electric engine, designed to provide additional power to single-engine aircrafts, might be the key to greater safety. It is no wonder...

Prius vs BMW M3 vs MPG at Top Gear: Who Wins?

I really didn't like what Top Gear guys did the last time to a Prius, but this time I think they have a point (partially). They're going to race a Toyota Prius (1.5L)versus a BMW M3 (4L). Of course the BMW will win the competition... but wait... not the speed competition. The BMW will get 19mpg and the Prius only 17mpg. Why is that? Does it prove that the Prius is more gas-guzzler than the BMW? No.

Nissan’s New Parallel Hybrid Engine is Smaller, Has More Torque

Instead of using older, third-party, less efficient hybrid designs, Nissan has now come up with their own hybrid drivetrain that they say is smaller,...

How Hybrid Cars Became Such a Success

Whilst the hybrid may seem a recent modern innovation, the concept of electrically charged automobiles is something that was toyed with well over 100...

Dacia Hamster: The First Romanian Diesel Hybrid Car, Also The Cheapest

After the European success held by Dacia Sandero, meet Dacia Hamster. You read right, Hamster (in German the word refers to the action of gathering, storing - you get the idea). It was about time someone developed a cheap hybrid car that, although new, doesn't exceed the money of a regular car and has the CO2 emissions of a Prius.
RAM 1500 eTorque

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 eTorque – Hybrid or Not?

RAM is usually not the car that is under the focus of eco-friendly news, but they are joining the game of hybridization and electrification....

Massachusetts-Based Company Converts Gas-Guzzling Cars to Hybrids With Simple Add-on

An add-on to your old gas-guzzling gasoline car could enhance its fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent. The company that operates such upgrades is called XL Hybrids, and they're from Massachusetts.

Smart Fortwo MHD: Hybrid Car Without a Battery

Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive (MHD) has been available for quite a while on Europe's car markets. It's Smart's way of saying "I am cleaner than the cleanest", and a quite impressive innovation that brings some kind of a "hybrid" system into play by using a start-stop mechanism of the engine. It uses regenerative brakes, like all hybrids do, to recharge the battery, and it stops the engine when you halt at a stop light (in fact, when your speed drops below 8km/h).
Toyota Mirai's zero-emissions high-tech hybrid is "the future" of automobile transportation.

Toyota Mirai is “The Future” of Toyota, Literally!

The culmination of decades of research and development, Toyota’s first mass-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, will start deliveries next month in...
Toyota Crown Royal Hybrid Just Launched

Toyota Crown in Japan Gets a Hybrid Upgrade

Here in the US, since 1989, we have seen Lexus, Toyota's luxury brand here in the US, grow from one model, the flagship LS...