Prius PHEV Testing Started on French Roads

They are testing their Toyota PHEVs with the help of their employees in a real urban environment. They have already built a charger infrastructure and a method for charging the users' pockets, incorporated in the vehicle's software.

New 2012 Prius V Plug-In Hybrid Features Neat EV-Only Mode and Much More

Toyota has been keeping people waiting for their new plug-in Prius for a long time now. Consumesearch drove a prototype of the Prius V set to enter the market in 2012 and made a list of the enhancements it will feature compared to a present-day non-plug-in Prius.

New Versions of Kia Cee'd To Be Equipped With Start/Stop Systems

The Kia Cee'd ISG model will be equipped with the Start/Stop system produced by Bosch, starting from next year. By introducing the Start/Stop technology, the normal consumption of fuel decreases and, implicitly, the vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions level is reduced by up to 5%.

Ford Prodigy: The 80 MPG Diesel Hybrid Car Built in The 1990s

So it's possible to build an 80 mpg (2.3 L/100km) car, with all the accessories it needs, and still claim it can't be done. This pisses me off. The Ford Prodigy concept, unveiled in 2000 at the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit, featured such savings and, above all these, it was a hybrid!

Hold Your Horses, Ferrari Releases Hybrid Supercar this Holiday Season

As it is, the LaFerrari was already a beast of a car at 963 horsepower.  But the folks at Ferrari had other ideas, they...

$150,000 Sportscar Runs on Water and Gasoline

Ronn Motor Company has proven what thousands of amateur energy enthusiasts from around the world keep researching in their garages for years: that it can run a gasoline sportscar (Scorpio) on both hydrogen and gasoline, mixing them on a 30 to 40 percent ratio.

Ferrari Is All About Hybrids, Not The Plug-ins, Though

How far will Ferrari go in order to please all these wealthy and at the same time environmental oriented buyers? Many have wondered this...

100 Boeing-Backed Hybrid-Electric Airplanes to be Launched by JetSuite

“Did you know that short-haul flights produce over 40% of aviation emissions? With our aircraft, we believe these will be largely eliminated within twenty...

GM Korea's Alpheon eAssist Hybrid 25% More Efficient Than Predecessor

GM wants to release the Volt in Korea, but under a different name. This time it's dubbed Alpheon eAssist, and it features great improvements...

Low-Emission Tribrid Scooter Powered by Solar Energy

A group of students at the Canara Engineering College built a low-emission tribrid scooter that is powered by solar energy, being equipped with onboard photovoltaic panels.