Why Buy a Prius?

I am in no way part of Toyota marketing or any of its affiliates. I just want a Prius. Me, the creator of this blog. Why I want it? Why am I for the moment dreaming about it, not having the money to get one? Because I was always caught by hi-tech stuff, and always thought hi-tech could make our lives so much easier.
Will the New Porsche Hybrid Reclaim Former Glory?

Porsche Hybrid to Enter Le Mans in 2014

It seems that practically every automaker is finally getting on board with green technology, including those in the racing circuits. The 2014 Le Mans...

Chevy Volt's Drivetrain: A Big Lie From GM, Or A Last-Second Desperate Measure?

Politicians lie, husbands lie, wives lie, even your local grocer lies about something, sometimes, to get his merchandise sold. If everybody lies, why shouldn't GM? The fact is, if you haven't already heard, that GM promised for years that they'll have an electric car coming with the Chevy Volt.
Toyota Prius - Continuous Improvement

Kaizen, 2015 Toyota Prius Slated for 55MPG

A long time ago, in automotive terms, anyways, in a factory not so far away, the first Toyota Prius came off the line. The first...

Will Prius Be U.S. Top-Seller by the End of the Decade?

Since its foundation, Toyota relied on some guiding principles such as developing advanced technologies and offering amazing products and services that responded to the needs of customers from the whole world, or working with business partners in order to achieve long-term growth and mutual benefits.
Honda Fit HEV's Compact 1.5ℓ Single-Motor Hybrid Drive

2013 Honda Fit Hybrid Bests Even Toyota Prius c!

Vehicle efficiency continues to improve as customers, and legislators, demand more fuel efficient vehicles and fewer vehicle emissions. Honda Motor Company has reached a...

Honda’s Three New Hybrid Systems Hit The Market

Three brand new hybrid systems were presented by the Japanese giant “Honda”, each covering a different need of individual customers. It seems hybrid technology...

First Electric Commuter Airplane Expected Within Three Years

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The first electric commuter airplane is almost ready to go, it only needs its...

Modified Prius to Get 230 MPG

Two Toyota Prius automobiles, modified in Monrovia, California, are now on the road and getting as many as 230 miles per gallon. By adding...

Honda's New Hybrid Car to be the Cheapest in Japan

The Nikkei business daily said the car will cost about 200,000 yen more than Honda's popular gasoline-powered Fit compact car and about 400,000 yen less than the Insight. "Lower prices are good for consumers but not for shareholders," said Yoshihiko Tabei, an analyst at Kazaka Securities.