Honda To Release a Plug-In Hybrid in 2012

The Japanese car manufacturer Honda announced it will launch a plug-in hybrid car and one with full electric propulsion. These two models will be released in 2012, as part of the strategy to push themselves to the front of a race by global automakers to produce more energy-efficient vehicles.

The New Ford Fusion Hybrid at LA Auto Show

A source at FoMoCo tells us they plan to rock down to electric-gas avenue in the near-term future. Although we knew there'd be a...

World's First Hybrid Ferries to Be Built in Scotland, Powered by Renewables

According to the Scottish government, Ferguson Shipbuilders won a $32 million (£20 million) contract to build the world's first hybrid ferries. So far we've...

SAAB BioPower Hybrid Concept

* Innovative hybrid concept based on pure bioethanol * Zero fossil CO2 emissions in all modes * 260 hp Saab BioPower engine running on E100...

Obama's New Law will Require Automakers to Add Sounds to Quiet Vehicles

It is likely that the blind and other pedestrians will be alerted by adding different sounds to cars since a bill was signed into law by Barack Obama, the U.S. president.

Volvo Plays Around With Range Extending Technology in 3 Newly Announced Concepts

Volvo prepares to launch three different prototypes of range extending electric vehicles (RE-EV) in order to find the best ways of implementing hybrid technology which resembles that found in the Chevy Volt. The company plans to start testing the vehicles at the beginning of 2012.

Toyota Hybrid X Concept Car seeking approval from government

According to Asahi, a daily Japanese trade rag which we don't know how to read, Toyota will officially be asking for permission from Japan's...
Lola Drayson B12/69 EV

How Hybrid and Electric Cars Compete With Gas-Powered Performance

There's been a great deal of attention placed on electric cars in the past couple of weeks, specifically when it comes to racing. Not...