ZERO Race: Electric Vehicles Team Up for 80-Day Trip Around the World

Electric car enthusiasts don't miss a chance to show the world what their beliefs are, and that their vehicles can even take them for a clean ride around the world - the cleanest ride ever.
It's OK, He's "Driving" an Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicles to Dominate by 2050

Given that 90% of traffic fatalities result from human error, it seems possible that autonomous vehicles could cut down on this by a significant...

Better Place: Electric Car Battery Swapping Service Envisioning Worldwide Expansion

You may have probably heard of Project Better Place before - it's the business led by Shai Agassi that imposes itself a truly hard to get goal: to make a network of battery swapping and charging stations for the not-so-distant electric cars.

Volvo Plays Around With Range Extending Technology in 3 Newly Announced Concepts

Volvo prepares to launch three different prototypes of range extending electric vehicles (RE-EV) in order to find the best ways of implementing hybrid technology which resembles that found in the Chevy Volt. The company plans to start testing the vehicles at the beginning of 2012.

Toyota Hybrid X Concept Car seeking approval from government

According to Asahi, a daily Japanese trade rag which we don't know how to read, Toyota will officially be asking for permission from Japan's...

Spinlister Helps Bikers Share their Ride in CA

California based startup Spinlister wants to promote bicycle sharing, among other things. Spinlister's bike sharing concept is simple enough, you need a bike for a few...
Tesla Model 3 will have over 200 "real world" miles range, says Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

Soon, Supercharger Network Not Just for Teslas Anymore

Tesla wants electric vehicles to change transportation. To accomplish that goal, the company needs other electric vehicles, not just Teslas, to be able to...

Jay Leno Gets 2,365 MPG in His Chevy Volt

Jay Leno is well-known for having a crush on cars - nice, expensive ones. But he apparently doesn't have a crush on gas per...