Solar-Powered Charging Stations Provided by Honda During EV Tests

The Japanese group Honda announced a new domain of interest for its customers; the vehicle charging stations that will be part of the company's goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

The Rotary Air Engine (Di Pietro motor)

The Di Pietro motor concept is based on a rotary piston. Different from existing rotary engines, the Di Pietro motor uses a simple cylindrical...

Tesla P85D vs BMW i8 Drag Race – See Who Wins!

In a video that will surely make history, a Tesla Model S P85D is drag racing BMW's darling, the i8. In other words, you...

Future Th!nk Electric Car Will Feature Specially Designed Gearbox

Th!nk, the electric car from Norway, has started a relationship with Oerlikon Graziano, who makes gearboxes. So, they designed a special gearbox, the only one at this time made specially for electric vehicles. With this gearbox, th!nk wil have the most efficient transmission system, would not waste energy on useless rpm, and run quietly.

Toyota May Temporarily Shut Down U.S. Assembly Lines Due to Japan Earthquake

Japan's earthquake still has some effects on the global car industry. Toyota, for example, has issued a message to all of its U.S. subsidies so that they prepare for a possible temporary shutdown due to the impossibility of sending parts from Japan. The information had been released by Toyota spokesman Mike Goss.

Tesla Model 3: First Opinions and Reviews from Test Drives

Tesla started the delivery of the first 30 Model 3 units a few days ago at the Fremont, CA factory. We didn't want to...
Shai Agassi - Founder and Former CEO of Better Place Electric Vehicles

Better Place’s Founder Still Believes in His Dream

Electric vehicles are often tagged with the word “limited,” as in, “limited range” and “limited recharging opportunities,” but this is mostly psychological. Bigger rechargeable...

Self-Diagnosing “Smart” Electric Motors Could Be Powering Our Future EVs

Scientists all around the world have realized that it’s time to make changes, and implement them. It’s time to create technologies that won’t threaten...