Protean Electric In-Wheel Motors will Make the Volkswagen e-Bora Electric Vehicle More Efficient

Volkswagen e-Bora Electric Vehicle Gets Protean Electric In-Wheel Motors

The Volkswagen e-Bora, a compact electric vehicle being manufactured in China, is actually not that new, being electrified some years ago, but will soon...

Mitsubishi Planning to Release Eight New Plug-In Electric Vehicles by 2015

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has got a new business plan related to emerging markets, electric power and globalization. Eight new hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles will be launched by 2015. The purpose of their launch is both to reduce the dependence on conventional combustion engines and to reduce the environmental impact of the hybrid's fleet.

Dutch e-Traction Hybrid Bus Has In-Wheel Electric Motors

The diesel charges a battery, and the battery propels the bus for as long as fuel exists in the tank. A dutch company, called e-Traction has developed a new type of hybrid bus. It has the same working principle, but the difference is that the electric motors are embedded in the wheels.

772 Miles In a Tesla Roadster, Across the UK

High mileage electric cars are considered to be a thing of the future, because, with today's average driving style, no electric car is able to run for more than two hundred miles on a single charge. That is the Tesla Roadster, the first EV that broke the ice, launched in the age of performance-driven gasoline engines.
SuperPedestrian's Copenhagen Wheel Converts ANY C-Bike into an E-Bike in Minutes!

Copenhagen Wheel Converts ANY Bike to an E-Bike

The case for riding a bike is pretty strong, such as enhanced physical fitness, fuel savings, less traffic congestion, and reduced emissions. Still, depending...
The Tesla Motors Patent Wall, Just Before Being Symbolically Dismantled

Tesla Motors Patents Open for Everyone to Use

The rumors were true! Tesla Motors has indeed opened up all its patents to open-source, and even symbolically demolished the Patent Wall, shown above. Many...

Eliica – Eight Wheeled Electric Car Trying To Beat The Speed Record

A team of Japanese technicians from Keio University have built two electric cars trying to beat the speed record on such vehicles. Each of the cars with a bizarre design, has eight wheels and is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. Each of the eight wheels is driven by an 80 hp electric motor.

US Military Supports EV-to-Grid Initiative for 500 Electric Vehicles

The US Military has recently announced a $500-Electric-vehicle-to-grid program with a $20 million fund, as part of the several sustainable energy initiatives out there...