How To Make a Low Temperature Differential (LTD) Stirling Engine

LTD stirling engines are interesting. They harvest the temperature difference of the environment versus a cold object, and using this they power some pumps. I...

31% Efficient Stirling Engines Used to Convert 1.5MW of Arizona Solar Power

Stirling engines are known to mankind for about 200 years but they are not so widely used today, except maybe for the pacemakers and long-distance robotic spacecrafts. This will soon change as 60 stirling engines will be used in Phoenix, Arizona, to harvest solar power which will be converted into electricity.

Laser-Powered Micro Stirling Engine Invented by German Researchers

You know how Stirling engines work, don't you? If you don't you can make an idea by imagining a cylinder with a fixed quantity...

Stirling Engine Generator by Dean Kamen Could Power Cable Installations

The Stirling engine generator Dean Kamen invented is small and quiet enough to be put just about anywhere, and is extremely efficient, running on a...

DEKA Revolt: First Hybrid Stirling Engine Car – Powered by Anything!

Dean Kamen, a UK inventor, has just released to the public a modified electric Ford Th!nk, hacked in his DEKA labs. DEKA is his company located in Manchester Millyard. Kamen's modified electric car has a Stirling engine onboard, into the trunk. He uses the stirling engine mainly to defrost and heat the car, because the systems doing that are huge power consumers.

Dean Kamen's Stirling Engine Hybrid Scooter Runs on Anything

The inventor of Segway (you know, those 2-wheeled self-balancing personal transporters you see in touristic cities - I saw one in Rome) is now specializing in Stirling engines - the grandfather of the steam engine and more efficient than current gasoline engines.

How to Measure a Stirling Engine's Efficiency (video)

The next video shows a Stirling engine while working to achieve its best, powered by a 70W light bulb. The poster also shows how he measured various parameters of the engine, like speed, torque, input/output power.

Cool Energy’s Low-Temperature Stirling Engine Recovers Waste Heat as Electricity

The SolarHeart®Engine is the new Stirling engine developed by Cool Energy that converts low-temperature (100oC to 300oC) heat energy to electrical power output ranging...

MSI To Make Self-Cooled Stirling Engine Motherboards

If you ever had to do with a computer, or with buying a computer by parts, then you surely have heard of MSI. They are...