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Converting Magnetic Energy Into Electric Voltage Using Power Spintronics


Spintronics_Large_WideThe American Institute of Physics’ (AIP) journal Applied Physics Letters, published a report, which shows a new application of spintronics. According to the study, it is now possible to convert magnetic energy into electric voltage by changing the dynamics of magnetization using magnetic nanostructures.

The recently identified electromotive force, also known as spinmotive force, might just hold the key to future spin-based power electronics, or “power spintronics” as called by the authors.

According to the study, a device based on power spintronics might soon be used for obtaining alternating current (AC) voltages from direct current (DC) magnetic fields. This is the first time a device generates voltage through a manipulation of an effective magnetic field within a nanowire.

As the researchers explain, this field is not a true magnetic, however it can be considered as one. The one dimensional model that the scientists used, showed that DC magnetic field has the same characteristics in terms of magnitude and design parameters, as wire width, and it can be used to control the frequency of an AC current.

The study showed that various frequencies ranging from megahertz to gigahertz are easily achieved. The team is certain that this new application of spintronics can be applied in various commercial energy sectors.

(Editor’s note: Anyone remember Howard Johnson and his spintronics/magnets generating energy ideas? Just Google for this and see what you can find out.)

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