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Electric Vehicles Will Dominate, but Not For the Reason You Think


It's OK to Smile, Electric Vehicle Driver
It’s OK to Smile, Electric Vehicle Driver

The world needs electric vehicles but, in spite of skyrocketing sales, the general public is still fairly unaware of them.

For example, most people still think electric vehicles are basically limited to golf carts and minicars. According to a recent survey, just 22% were familiar with the Tesla Model S, and just 31% were familiar with the Nissan Leaf. This is interesting, when you consider that Tesla Motors is the most successful startup automobile company in the last six decades, and that the Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.

Now, we believe that electric vehicles will dominate, eventually. Primarily, we need electric vehicles, thanks to their ultra-low emissions. No, I did not forget those emissions. As governments ramp up their emissions-cutting measures, including those in the transportation sector, automakers are reducing fuel consumption (read: emissions) by all means necessary. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) style regulations mean that automakers can still produce a few dinosaur-sucklings, but will have to produce a number of low-emissions vehicles to offset them.

Perhaps a better reason that electric vehicles will dominate is simply because they are so much fun to drive. First, you will probably never wipe that stupid grin off your face every time you pass the gas station, where the numbers keep rising. Then, have you even gotten a chance to drive an electric vehicle? You really should. I took a Nissan Leaf for a test drive, and I couldn’t stop smiling every time I mashed the accelerator and was rewarded with an immediate jolt. It was beautiful, and it was quiet, so why aren’t more people buying into the electric vehicle future? Going back to the survey results, the answer is obvious: No one’s paying attention!

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