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New Solar Powered, Touch-Controlled MacBook Might Be Just Around The Corner


macbook-590x330If you ever wondered when the time of solar powered laptops will come, or who would be the first tech giant to develop them, wonder no more. Apple has finally received their patent with the very humble title “Electronic device display module“, which allows them to be the one and only makers of notebooks with lids equipped with solar cells and touch controls.

It is still a bit too early to know whether the guys at Apple will include these features in their new MacBook, but it will definitely feel like a waste if they don’t, having just prevented others from doing it. After all, having solar cells on the back of the lid, making sure that the notebook never runs out of battery is just way too cool to not have. The cells will not be able to charge the device completely, but rather they will serve as a back up energy generator.

In addition to this, the touch controls that are likely to be positioned just under the famous logo, will allow the users to turn the MacBook on and off, play music or deactivate various functions only by waving their hand over it.

Apple is known for designing beautiful technology, which not only looks amazing, but also makes it super easy and convenient for the user to execute all he or she wants, with the least effort possible.  If the new MacBook can provide even more extras than what the current latest model has, than the technology will definitely be very hard to beat.

Image (c) Apple

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