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Apple to Develop Self-Charging Solar Devices

3d Apple Logo 102 Apple to Develop Self Charging Solar DevicesApple wants to develop a solar technology for its devices (laptops, ipods, etc). They want to incorporate solar panels in the devices’ screen, so it is invisible for the user. The device would then charge from the ambient light, and, if not used for a long time, would fully recharge itself. Motorola filed a similar patent for their mobile devices in 2001 but is yet to be able to successfully integrate solar technology into their devices), having a company as large and influential as Apple roll it out could mean cross product integration with iPods and MacBooks in addition to the iPhone.

The company was accused for not being environmentally-caring, but the online music and movies instead of buying copies and using maps on mobile instead of printing directions, plus this innovation reduce its carbon footprint to the environment and bring a positive light to the Apple mega-brand.

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