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The Green Optimistic publishes news on alternative energy and environmentally-friendly technologies since February 2008.

Our mission is to wake up the common sense in our readers and make them think of our planet and how they can too contribute to its well-being.

Due to the large number of green technologies recently invented, one might be confused while choosing a lifestyle that’s both comfortable and environmentally-friendly.

We’re here to make that decision clearer by showing our readers the most important green discoveries and technologies that affect people on a wide scale, or examples worth following.

This is our current team:

Mila Luleva, writer
Mila is a researcher and scientist with a great passion for soils, rocks, plants, water and all environment-related aspects of our surroundings. For the past 10 years, during the course of her educational and professional development, she travelled all over Europe, Africa and Asia, driven by her passion for the environment and urge to seek challenges. She became fascinated by all fancy techniques and gadgets that can assist the process of modelling and monitoring environmental processes including remote sensing, geographical information systems, spectrometers, GPS receivers, mobile devices. Although technology took over her world, she still remains true to her soil spade and believes that no device can bring the same feeling as the one you get when surrounded by nature.


Mihai Sandru (Mike), co-founder, designer, writer
Mike is a master student of graphic design and is particularly interested in green designs and green technologies that affect people directly. Besides publishing, he supervises any changes in the site’s aesthetics. The current logo is his concept.
If you like his work, you can view his oDesk page and hire him here.
E-mail: mike at greenoptimistic.com



Ovidiu Sandru, founder & editor-in-chief
Ovidiu has always been a fan of technology and Captain Planet. Not being able to ignore the green technologies that exist nowadays, he started blogging about the most interesting news out there and saw that there were a lot of people interested in the same stuff he was.
Since 2008, The Green Optimistic is still publishing the best pieces out there, on a daily basis.
E-mail: ovidiu at greenoptimistic.com

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