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3 Ways Drivers can Live Greener


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We get it: you love your car, and of course you need a way to get from point A to point B. Cars are part of our everyday lives; there’s a necessity to travel. And it’s NOT always possible to use public transport or find a carpool that’s heading in the same direction as you are every morning.

Unfortunately, all our driving IS having an impact on the environment, natural resources and global warming. So, what do you pick? The environment or reaching your destination? Is there a way to manage this predicament more effectively?

Those times you are driving along, we’re simply suggesting that you make a few driving changes. You’ll be surprised how much greener you can live by auditing your driving from now on.

Revise How You Drive — New Habits can Help

Are you one of those drivers that everybody criticizes? That’s one reason to make changes, but why not change for the benefit of nature?

  • Don’t always drive as fast as road signs tell you to, because once you drive faster than 60mph, chances are your fuel consumption won’t be impressive.
  • Look inside your car and remove forgotten items every now and then. Excess items mean excess weight, requiring more fuel to get you to your destination.

Bonus: some of these changes will affect your fuel consumption, and you’ll love having less expenses from now on, won’t you?

Maintaining Your Vehicle — It Has More Impact Than You Think

Your car’s manual will advise you to stop at the dealership to have a few aspects checked out on a regular basis. Don’t ignore them, because those services and repairs aren’t simply to ensure a high resale value or making sure you don’t have to make a claim with your car insurance provider in the near future. They can actually affect your carbon footprint:

  • If your fuel cap doesn’t work properly or doesn’t seal, fuel will leak out or evaporate. Losing fuel means you have to fill up sooner than is necessary. That’s bad news for your budget, and it also means you’re using more natural resources from which fuel is produced.
  • Keep your tires pumped up because this affects your fuel consumption.

Opt for a Vegan Car

Alright, this is our fun fact. But it may be just what some of you are looking for; especially if you’re serious about going green in every aspect of your life. It’s encouraging to see how many industries are trying their best to deliver eco friendly options. And even more so if you’re vegan.

Yes, you read right. You can now put in your order for an electric car that’s attractive to vegans, thanks to its unique interior.

It has loads of attractions for environmentally conscious consumers, such as having no emissions. The Fisker Ocean was unveiled at CES earlier this year and you may see a few on the road in coming months.

Last Words

It’s not necessary to go back to the Stone Age in order to live an environmentally conscious life. Even when you’re in your car, you can help lower man’s negative impact on the environment. If we all make small changes in our driving today, our combined footprint will be lower tomorrow.

What will you do today to make the change?

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