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Alternative Ways to Take Part in the Climate Strike Today


The World’s biggest climate strike is taking place today ahead of the upcoming United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. Do you want to be part of it? Here are a few ideas of what you can do in case you are unable to join the crowds.

I honestly cannot imagine that there are still people around who deny human-induced climate change. The consequences of raising temperatures are getting closer to home by the hour and we can no longer ignore them.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe will go on the streets to speak their voices. The event is becoming the world’s largest climate strike. The aim is to show the governmental officials, who will gather on Monday in New York, that we all take this seriously. It is actually quite incredible.

All major news agencies are reporting from around the world, as more and more people are joining in.

But don’t feel guilty if you cannot take part directly because you have to go to work, or you have to look after the children. There are many ways you can be involved in this huge global movement.

An article on Treehugger inspired me to think of ways we all can be involved. Lloyd over there gave his seven ideas. I will share with you my favorite ones from his list and add some from me. Let’s hope I can inspire you to join in too!

1. Ditch the car for a day

Take advantage of the sunny weather, hop on the bike and head to work.  If this is not an option, then walk. If not, skate. And if none of the above, car pool! We can all green up our mode of transport at least for a day, right? Reduce your carbon footprint as much as you can.

2. Turn off all the lights, air-conditioning systems and unplug all these cables.

I promise you, it will be alright. You will be able to see, you will be able to adjust to the outside temperature, and yes, it would be OK if your phone runs out of battery.

3. Eat only leftovers and drink tap water

Let’s try to reduce food waste, and get rid of the terrible habit to buy bottled water. Food and water scarcity are growing exponentially and affecting more and more people around the world. The least we can do is not add to the problem.

4. Take a walk after work and pick up all the trash you see

This, just like the one above, is very close to my heart. Nature is so beautiful. We have to keep it this way as much as we can. Let’s clean up the mess, and let’s try to involve the neighbors as well. Together we can do it much faster.

5. Can you be vegan for a day?

Now, this is a challenge for many, I know. However, you don’t need to go all the way. One vegan day a month, or a week, it already makes a difference. Try it out today! I know this is what I will be doing!

6. Spread the word

Last but definitely not least, just spread the word. Tell your friends and close ones that the global strike is happening. Encourage them to do something, no matter how seemingly insignificant it is. Every little helps!

I am curious how you would be contributing to the climate strike. Any other ideas we can all test out?

Image (c) Rich Haridy/New Atlas



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