Peugeot 208 Air, a Hybrid Vehicle with No Battery

Peugeot 208 Air Hybrid Vehicle Goes Nearly One Hundred Miles Per Gallon

Mention “hybrid vehicle,” and most people probably assume you mean hybrid “electric” vehicle, but in the case of the upcoming Peugeot 208 Air-Hybrid, you...

81 MPG Compressed Air Hybrid Unveiled by Peugeot/Citroën

Gasoline and diesel fuel are, by far, not the only options available in the world of automobile propulsion. Pretty much anything that stores energy can...

Could Liquid Nitrogen Work in a Compressed-Air Motor?

Automobile researchers have been looking into many alternatives to the petroleum-powered internal combustion engine , including electric, hydrogen, and even compressed air. What is...

Tata Motors to Launch Mini CAT Compressed Air Car in August

Although it will come in the standard offer without a radio, Tata Motors' latest car, the Mini CAT, will be powered by air pressure...

Compressed Air Bike by Dean Benstead Competes With Battery-Powered

Compressed air bikes may be the future of biking and may even compete with battery powered ones. Dean Benstead made one for himself and...

Toyota's New Compressed Air-Powered Vehicle Reaches 80.3 MPH

Toyota Industries has successfully developed a compressed air-powered vehicle dubbed Ku:Rin that was able to reach a top speed of 129.2km/h (80.3 mph) during...

Air-Powered Motorbike Coming From Indian Students

The high population of India makes for the pollution to be high as well. So, if there is any place on Earth where electric vehicles are needed, then it's there. Aware of this situation, a handful of engineering students in Palwal City, Haryana state have conceived an oxygen-run motorbike, which they claim is a discovery in the field.

Air Hybrid Cars Could Be Cheaper Than Those Based on Electricity

According to Swedish researchers, storing energy as compressed air rather than in batteries would reduce the price of hybrid cars. Some hybrid and electric vehicles are already using brake energy to activate a generator that charges the batteries.

AirPod: Powered by Compressed Air, Greener than Electrics, Ready for Sale

Can you remember MDI Cat? They're the company who designed an engine powered completely by compressed air a few years ago. It looks like they gathered funding from a Tata Motors venture and are now developing a new and more efficient vehicle: the AirPod.

Honda Air: The Compressed-Air Sportscar at LA Auto Show's Design Challenge

Honda, aside from making their cars good shapes, participates to design challenges like that from the LA Auto Show, presenting their compressed-air Honda Air.