Peugeot Hybrid 208 2L - Based on the current PureTech 208 (pictured)

Peugeot Hybrid 208 2L gets over 110 mpg

Given that transportation is the most widespread source of carbon dioxide emissions, albeit not the greatest source, it is encouraging to see cars breaking...

Compressed Air Bike by Dean Benstead Competes With Battery-Powered

Compressed air bikes may be the future of biking and may even compete with battery powered ones. Dean Benstead made one for himself and...

Scientists to Build a New Motorcycle Engine powered by Compressed Air

According to the researchers, if this technology will be widely implemented, mostly in areas where motorcycles are a major source of public transportation, it could cut emissions substantially.

AirPod: Powered by Compressed Air, Greener than Electrics, Ready for Sale

Can you remember MDI Cat? They're the company who designed an engine powered completely by compressed air a few years ago. It looks like they gathered funding from a Tata Motors venture and are now developing a new and more efficient vehicle: the AirPod.

Tata Motors is Expected to Release an Air-Powered Nano

For those who don't now, Nano is a car from the Indian company Tata Motors. This mini car would sell at $2500 and will have new green features that would please many eco-savvy people. As some latest news say, Tata will release an air-powered model, running a compressed air engine from MDI Enterprises.

First Ever Liquid Air Zero-Emission Engine to Get Tested in UK

It is more than a year ago since we first introduced the concept of liquid nitrogen to be used in a motor, however there...

Air Hybrid Cars Could Be Cheaper Than Those Based on Electricity

According to Swedish researchers, storing energy as compressed air rather than in batteries would reduce the price of hybrid cars. Some hybrid and electric vehicles are already using brake energy to activate a generator that charges the batteries.

Honda Air: The Compressed-Air Sportscar at LA Auto Show's Design Challenge

Honda, aside from making their cars good shapes, participates to design challenges like that from the LA Auto Show, presenting their compressed-air Honda Air.

Quasiturbine Engine Works With Air

Since the Quasiturbine is a pure expansion engine (which the Wankel is not, neither most of other rotary engines), it is well suitable as compressed fluid...

Air Powered Motoscooter

The TV presenter Jem Stansfield modified this small moped to function on compressed air stored in two high pressure carbon fiber tanks, like the...