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AirPod: Powered by Compressed Air, Greener than Electrics, Ready for Sale


Can you remember MDI Cat? They’re the company who designed an engine powered completely by compressed air a few years ago. It looks like they gathered funding from a Tata Motors venture and are now developing a new and more efficient vehicle: the AirPod.

The company states that all their car needs is an air compressor driven by electricity from a normal wall socket, and that the joystick-steered AirPod uses far less energy compared to other cars. They had even test driven the cars on the streets of Paris, where they received a lot of comments on their work.

Because it’s powered by compressed air, the AirPod can only reach 80 km/h and has a range of 160 to 200 kilometers on one charge. The greenest fact about it is that it doesn’t use batteries, fuel cells or other chemically-aided process to get the job done – just the good-old air compressor, a technology that’s been around dormant for decades.

A $10,000 price tag will be hooked on the car if they will one day succeed reaching the mainstream market.

Watch the video below. Articles about the AirPod had appeared in 2008, but the news is still interesting, and now is even presented by CNN.

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