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François Gissy’s Compressed Air/Water Motorcycle Accelerates in 0.5s to 62mph


When it comes to acceleration, most cars are allright. Teslas are OK, Formula1 cars are better but there’s one more thing beating them: an air/water rocket.

François Gissy, a French DIYer climbed on top of his 6000psi-loaded jet trike and did some tests at a local running track. He got to some 260 km/h (162.5 mph) before slowing down, but got there in about 4 seconds, as you can see in the video.

Of course, the energy came from the grid, as the compressor needed to push that gas into the tank needed power, but the idea is nevertheless interesting and doesn’t use any fire source. I wonder if that isn’t a good idea for some boosting mechanisms installed in race cars instead of using nitro – air and water are cheaper to “burn” altogether.

And I think the whole process is also pretty energy-efficient. Any ideas?

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