The Magnetic Air Car: a Step Towards Free Energy Devices?

San Jose’s West Coast Green conference from last week had a point of attraction: the world’s first fuel-less car, made by Magnetic Air Car. They even say it will be produced beginning with 2010.

The Magnetic Air Car uses compressed air technology for propulsion, but unlike Tata Motors air engine, or DiPietro, theirs uses a different design: three on-board air compressors channel the air stream towards something that probably is a magnetic motor, something that everybody thinks is still Sci-Fi. But it’s not. The magnets, repelling each other, can be a source of movement, and, if properly propelled by an air jet, could have “devastating” effects in terms of power. Once again, this is only a probability, no exact specifications of their technology have been made yet.

Their Magnetic Air Car uses a silicon salt battery having 30% more mass power than a lead acid storage battery, and it can completely charge in one hour. The battery is also environmentally friendly: it’s 95% recyclable, and it can be used in almost extreme conditions: from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. I say almost, because the temperatures inside a car during summer exceed 50 degrees.

A prototype of the car is being built at Club Auto Sport in San Jose and will be tested in the near future. It looks interesting enough to keep an eye on this company. Let’s hope it’s not a hoax.

[via cleantechnica]

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