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Toyota's New Compressed Air-Powered Vehicle Reaches 80.3 MPH


Toyota Industries has successfully developed a compressed air-powered vehicle dubbed Ku:Rin that was able to reach a top speed of 129.2km/h (80.3 mph) during a test run earlier this month.

Now the company wants to apply for a Guiness World record for the fastest car powered by a compressed-air engine. Toyota began to develop such vehicles in order to explore environmentally friendly ways of transport.

Ku:Rin‘s tank was filled using a conventional air-conditioner compressor produced by Toyota. The car has been presented last week at a factory in the Aichi Prefecture.

As the observers said, the car is described as a “sleek rocket,” or “a pencil-shaped rocket.” According to them, the Ku:Rin is interesting but not so practical due to its driving range: 2 miles (3.2 km).

Ku:Rin car was created by a team of engineers at the Dream Car Workshop (Toyota’s sandbox/incubator for innovative ideas). Kenta Nakauchi (one of the engineers) said that this car is not planned to be put into production. Currently, they only want to experiment this technology and find how to extend the travel distance. Maybe the guys from MDI Cat could help them out.

[via Physorg]

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