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Iceland To Have World's First Data Center That Operates Without CO2 Emissions


Iceland is one step closer to have the world’s first zero-carbon data center. The IT company Colt will build this new data center which will be exported to Iceland as a pre-fabricated kit by the end of next month.

Iceland is known as a country that has large geothermal resources, the perfect location for a data center to operate without carbon emissions.

The facility will be powered exclusively by hydroelectric and geothermal sources, using the cold Iceland air for cooling.

According to Colt, the 500 square meter zero-carbon data center will be ready at the beginning of next year. It will contain the servers of UK data hosting company Verne. The site is also connected to Europe and the US by multiple high-speed cables. Verne officials claim that the center’s capacity will be expanded as demand grows and it will be able to supply 100 MW of computer load at any time.

“The original design of this data centre was for Colt’s own use, but our clients saw the potential and we were asked to put it into the market,” said Bernard Geoghegan, head of Colt’s data centres division.

[via EcoGeek/Guardian]

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