DIY Stirling Generator Goes to 1687 RPM

Stirling generators are rarely seen in the media, but they are actually one of the few options we have in turning raw heat to electricity. Indeed,...

Stirling Engine Generator by Dean Kamen Could Power Cable Installations

The Stirling engine generator Dean Kamen invented is small and quiet enough to be put just about anywhere, and is extremely efficient, running on a...

Six-Cylinder Stirling Engine Built by DIYer in His Garage

Stirling engines have been touted as a good alternative for current internal combustion engines, since they can be powered with mostly anything that burns...

Laser-Powered Micro Stirling Engine Invented by German Researchers

You know how Stirling engines work, don't you? If you don't you can make an idea by imagining a cylinder with a fixed quantity...

The Stirling Racer: Nice But Expensive Stirling Engine Toy Powered By The Sun

It's nice for a toy, but difficult to understand when it comes to explaining the true greenness of this invention. A stirling engine-powered toy just hit the market recently, combining a 194-year-old engine concept touted today for its fuel flexibility with solar power-the baby that modern science wants to grow.

Evita: Hot Water and Important Electricity Savings From Stirling Engine-Equipped Boiler

I thought Stirling engines can offer great advantages if used in cars, but it never crossed my mind using such an engine in a heating boiler for your household. Evita is the name of the latest boiler made by Remeha, a Dutch company, using a Stirling engine to produce electricity and upload it to the grid.

How to Measure a Stirling Engine's Efficiency (video)

The next video shows a Stirling engine while working to achieve its best, powered by a 70W light bulb. The poster also shows how he measured various parameters of the engine, like speed, torque, input/output power.

Panasonic Revives The Stirling Engine For 10 kW Waste Heat Recovery System

estir Co., an in-company venture of Panasonic led by Teruyuki Akazawa, thought that it would make a good business reusing the otherwise wasted heat from Panasonic's plants, and reimplemented Stirling engines, seeking to make them more efficient than ever.

31% Efficient Stirling Engines Used to Convert 1.5MW of Arizona Solar Power

Stirling engines are known to mankind for about 200 years but they are not so widely used today, except maybe for the pacemakers and long-distance robotic spacecrafts. This will soon change as 60 stirling engines will be used in Phoenix, Arizona, to harvest solar power which will be converted into electricity.

NASA Planning to Use Nuclear Powered Stirling Engine for Moon Base

NASA is said to be the forerunner of the newest invented technologies, even before the military puts an eye on them (or sometimes the second to use them). Still, some NASA officials have decided to use an old technology, such as the Stirling engine, to generate electricity on the future moon bases.