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Solar Stirling Engine Efficiency Records Broken by Ripasso Energy


20130117-035424Solar Stirling engine efficiency has been topped this year by Ripasso Energy, a solar technology company based in Sweden.

They have designed a Solar stirling dish module that set a new efficiency world record of 32%.

The solar stirling engine dish modules convert sunlight in most climates, however they have proven to be most effective in hot and dry climates, where the system converts one third of the solar energy into electricity.

The solar stirling engine technology has shown to have quite a number of advantages over other types of solar power sources, however Ripasso Energy reports that there is not much commercial development.

The energy solution presented by the company does not require central turbines or DC/AC converters. This allows a step-by-step implementation with generation starting from the first functional unit.

The efficient solar stirling engine tech combines a both low environmental impact and low Levelized Cost of Energy, making it very competitive with all alternative electrical energy technologies. As stated by Carl Ohlen, Marketing & Sales Director of Ripasso Energy is certain that the best solar conditions for the solar stirling dishes are met in parts of MENA, South Africa and Chile, where LCOE levels of less than 0.1 Euro per kWh for a 30 MW plant can be obtained.

Considering that recent reports and negotiations point towards the need to reduce carbon emissions, the Ripasso Energy Stirling Dish might just provide the solution.

The company’s first solar stirling engine power plant is under construction in South Africa. They hope that this technology will become a large part of future energy development.

You can too build such technology at home, check it out.

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