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How to Build a Free Energy Generator – The Mini Romag


mromag01.gifAbout the Mini Romag

A free energy researcher named Jean-Louis Naudin, claims to have built a free energy device he called “Mini Romag,” which he claims to be working uninterruptedly.

Magnetism has always been a kind of “Pandora’s box” for energy. It is known that magnetic fields (and fields, generally) can’t be used for energy generation, but still, magnets have stirred the curiosity of out-of-the-box thinkers.

Although the explanations by mr. Naudin seem a bit un-scientific at times, some may give them a try and actually try to build the thing by taking the schematics.

By using the principle of free-moving magnetic flow called by some researchers “magnetic current”, the “Mini Romag” can produce about 24W of electricity (7 amps at 3.5V DC).

The generator is able to sustain itself, but has to be kickstarted by an external motor that has to be spun for about 42 seconds at 2,100 RPM. After that, the Mini Romag allegedly becomes self-sustaining and produces extra energy.

How the Mini Romag works

If spun at 2100 rpm, the generator charges the six coils of copper wire, the copper tube that supports it and the the copper coated steel wires around these magnets.

The charging takes place while the six coil connection wires (part #22) set up their magnetic poles by making contact. After the 42-second charging process, one of the coil connections has to be opened. As the current is drawn from the six coils, magnetic poles are set. They are a response between the rotor magnets and the coils, which causes the main shaft to rotate as the 12 permanent magnets attract and repel each other.

Maintaining the Spin in the Mini Romag

To maintain the fields of the magnets during their spin and not have them enter a state called “hold-back attract,” the device makes the fields blend into each other, so each time a magnet set passes a coil, an exchange of energy between the coils around those magnets and the generating coils sets up neutral magnetic polarities (aka “release fields”) and the hold-back doesn’t happen anymore.

This circuit is of utmost importance, since it allows for the uninterrupted movement of the rotor and the extraction of “free” energy.




You can find the parts list to build the Mini Romag here.

The Mini Romag free energy generator apparently demonstrates profound concepts and has a surprising number of applications. Build this unit and explore new possibilities of creating “free energy” yourself!

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  1. Great site. I love your positive attitude toward free energy.  I wonder If you’ve heard of WITTS?  They have been around for Nigh on 200 years in the field of free energy… and are still doing it today.

  2. To all the people saying “it’s not possible, and never will be”…

    That’s the exact same thing that people said about airplanes, nuclear warheads, and basically everything else we enjoy today.
    At one point, gravity went against the “laws of physics”
    At one point, physics itself was wrong, because it didn’t comply with the Bible.

    So how can you sit there and say “It defied our current laws of physics, so it will never be possible”?

    As far as I am concerned, it’s people like that who deserve to be shunned. 

    Great job contributing to the scientific community idiots!

    And to the people who believe in this technology, thanks for not being the people I mentioned above.

    The first people to invent airplanes were told “It defies the laws of physics, it’s not possible and never will be, and you deserve to die for trying to change things”

    If airplanes are against the laws of physics, I guess I am freaking Jesus, because I just stepped off of one 3 hours ago.

    Seriously people, this is real, this is not a scam. I’ve made a small version of these “free energy generators” and it’s been going for 2 months.

    Keep on going people.

    • “To all the people saying “it’s not possible, and never will be”…That’s the exact same thing that people said about airplanes, nuclear warheads, and basically everything else we enjoy today.”

      Ya, but then again… They actually also went ahead and BUILT and DEMONSTRATED the functionality of all those things in a way so that noone in the entire world could deny the existence of such things without looking like a moron.

      So far, noone have yet BUILT nor DEMONSTRATED (as in; allowing people to examine every part of the construction) a functional “free energy”-device.

    • If I was in my Conestoga wagon crossing the great plains in the 1800’s and someone told me I could get a solar powered 4 wheel drive vehicle and drive to California in a week in exchange for a years wages – I would say “Why that is practically FREE”! Would you still say that “nothing is free?” How about “close enough?”

  3. @Harvey Katz Dear Harvey Katz, either you get a real buzz out of protesting so vehemently, or there is a hidden agenda at work here.  Either option is not a healthy direction.  Setting yourself up as the oracle of this issue is bordering on / has become offensive (not to mention arrogant.)   ‘A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still’.  No one likes having the beliefs of others thrust upon them and many people need to learn from experience.  Let them.  If as you claim you are trying to  help people then make a carefully framed statement once and leave it out there so that people can CHOOSE whether to accept or reject it. Your “not so humble” opinion, using your words, gives others the impression of an inflated ego.  The more your ‘push’ your ‘truth’, the more you lose ground.  In your bid to make your point, some of your responses are blatantly insulting.  I prefer to keep an open mind, exercise caution and accept the consequences of the choices I make.   Cheryl G

  4. HARVEY KATZ ! PLEASE SHUT UP AND LISTEN !! I am the first monkey ever to be funded to build a free energy magnetic generater by the British Government ! So stop the crap and let go of a mind of reflected doubt ! The way you talk is the way that you are ! Its your reflection stop knocking it ! And to anyone who says you cant get out more than you put in your half right but the universe came out of something and that something can simply power up another universe if its forced to so just open the tap and be careful you could create another universe so don’t play with it until you know what you’re dealing with ! I WILL TEACH YOU !   Who am I ? THE BEST THERE IS !  I replicated the so called NASA SECRET UFO isolated the vacuum and mapped out the bump on the surface of the proton 3.5 years before CERN even new about it  ! I also identified the universal constant in harmonics in the electrical field and its numerological constant in the hydrogen spectrum  ! Confirmed vectors in electrically charged photons at 2.2 degrees over the gravitational space time continuum ! converted the covalent bond in water into electricity isolated negative hydrogen ! Developed the human bio computer that permits science to understand cellular unity to avoid ageing ! Isolated dark matter and dark energy  that permits interdimensional framing and quantum jumping for electrons you could call that one the ghost field ! My current invention is a neutrino deep space communication system ! SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH YOU GUYS ? I’ve also got a baby bell flying saucer ! Now I am looking for some talent to work with that has not been converted by a dumb out of date physics education at a university that keeps creating brain dead morons who can’t spin a proton let alone understand magnetic inertia ! And if you don’t believe in aliens than your an idiot because you are an alien ! I have been within 500ft of 7 alien spacecraft and met dimensional beings ! SO PEOPLE EITHER SHUT UP OR LISTEN AND LEARN OR GO AND PLAY WITH THE IRAN FLYING SAUCER WHICH IS A FLYING NEUTRON BOMB !!!! Yours truly [email protected]

  5. HOOOOOOOOAx! If this exists, any energy producer is to die shortly…. Come on…. We are not that dumb, aren’t we? We are?? Oh….

  6. Fascia and Soffit:

    Every discussion board has these posts by some company trying to sell their products. They almost never return to read anything as this is just one of possibly hundreds of ads left like bird droppings all over the internet. Their only interest is to get your money by leaving free advertisements. Their politically correct statement says nothing about the subject being discussed since it a one platitude fits all. In fact, it says absolutely nothing. Let’s see if they respond at all.

  7. Again. we have so many available options to reducing our energy use through the grid, yet there does not appear to be any indication of bringing all these resources into one organizational control. Imagine what we could do for ourselves and the planet if we were to group all of the sustainable resources and use them according to the local environment and accessibility.

  8. Axel,

    Did you read and understand the previous posts? There is no free energy magnetic motor anywhere but in the minds of the dishonest and the truly stupid. It does no good to point out that the inventor is a known fraud. He never runs the motor for more than 10 or 15 minutes and won’t let anyone look inside that huge coil that no doubt, houses a battery.


  9. To Last 2 posters:

    Your emotions or dishonesty prevent you from understanding or admitting that There Is No Working Magnetic Energy Generator in the hands of anyone but the scammers. Not one person not working with/for the scammers has one.

    It does not matter who I am or what you want to believe – Still there is No Working Magnetic Energy Generator, but people are being scammed out of their money every day.

    It does not matter that you want to be right and make me wrong so much that that you cannot comprehend the simple English words that follow: No Working Magnetic Energy Generator.

    Perhaps you two are not THAT stupid but are scammers still making money from this. If so, then you understand that “There is No Working Magnetic Energy Generator ” but cannot ever admit it. Instead you attack me to change the subject which is why I must repeat: There is No Working Magnetic Energy Generator.

    You mention the Wright brothers in your attempt to change the subject. They never broke any laws of physics. They demonstrated their airplane to the public and the military for all to see, unlike the magnetic energy generator (I hope the Wright brothers forgive me for mentioning their name in the same sentence with that sad, pathetic scam, the magnetic energy generator. By the way, did I mention that “There is No Working Magnetic Energy Generator “?

    Oh well, I do look forward to your answers as they will get more pathetic and amusing as time goes on. You ideas on this are so silly that they really cannot have much impact at all for anyone except as entertainment. Maybe your names are Larry and Moe. Perhaps Curly will weigh in next.

    Please reply soon – I really enjoyed your responses.

    By the way, I do not have a basement since I own a ranch style house. I am employed as a network developer for a major national communications supplier I have over 40 years experience with computers. It is quite likely you are using equipment manufactured by the company I work for. What about you two? Working? Have a girl friend? Virgins? Geeks? Over 14 years old? Is your mother calling for you to clean your room? Don’t be a stranger – Write Soon!!

  10. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much.” Such emotionally charged attacks on the magnetic generator concept leaves one with a feeling Mr. Katz that that your views on this subject are at best biased and at worst motivated by some other agenda.

  11. “Yes I have the courage to use my real name – I’m proud of it. Is dontbelievethosewhowantyoutostayawayfromthistechnology your real name?”

    Actually no. It’s Bond, James Bond.

    Stating you’re a Mr. Katz says nothing in the world wide web. You can be an lonely, unknown and frustrated individual sitting in his basement, plugged into websites looking at porn or at the same time or hopefully unrelated to this by working for government agencies who would bring down any attempt at building alternate energy sources or even having interest on doing so…..at any cost.

    There’s a whole world out there learning day after day more and more. You tapping into web pages dis-informing all who approach a consensus about new forms of producing cost effective sources of what you may not want to call electricity must be a hard task. The agency must have been approved a healthy budget.

    When the Wright brothers (those uneducated bike mechanics that invented or lets just say flew a glider with an engine) were building that first plane which well known physics professors at the time were busy writing books on how man could never fly in a sustained fashion, but glide downhill at best. Good thing the Wright brothers were not reading all the bashing of physics improbabilities of the time….or your seemingly intelligent replies funded by the companies afraid of loosing control of the world and their money.

  12. dontbelievethosewhowantyoutostayawayfromthistechnology:

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate a real response and further believe you are sincere. Let me address each point you make:

    Yes I have the courage to use my real name – I’m proud of it. Is dontbelievethosewhowantyoutostayawayfromthistechnology your real name?

    “Why are you here in the first place? (etc.)”
    Should we who know for sure this is a scam (let this pass for now – will address it later) just be quiet and let thousands of people throw their money away? A good citizen does not be quiet while others are made to suffer. I know some people consider this being a “Busy Body” but that attitude allows all manner of crimes to go uncontrolled and rampant. I will not be quiet nor can anyone shame me into it.

    “So, are we to believe EVERYTHING remotely related to producing energy outside the corporations we pay to provide the same is all a scam? ”

    This is a common method of debate used by first year college students taking a debating class. Make some stupid statement and try to attribute it to the opposition. The answer? This is your statement not mine. I don’t believe it and neither do you. We agree on that. I want to see energy produced by anyone who can openly demonstrate a valid technology.

    “Take a small electric motor…a toy motor, that contains two magnets opposing each other. Place a big enough wheel where a gear might be and plug …… etc.)

    Yes it can make electricity – no argument there. But wait a minute – the energy is supplied by YOU turning it. The magnets can change your energy of motion to the energy of electricity. The magnets do not contribute any energy whatsoever. Your energy expenditure can be measured and related to how much current is generated. If you don’t turn the motor, you’ll never get electricity unless it gets struck by lightning. You do not have a high level of scientific knowledge – that does not make you stupid. But you should learn more before getting into areas you know little about. You are smart enough to learn, but are you man enough to change your mind (if warranted).

    “You are the one creating confusion and scaring people off this true principle. Laws of physics broken??”

    No public person outside the magnetic energy scammers has ever been in possession of a working model. Not one. Not ever. This has been around for 20 years – still no working model can be built by an independent person. This is an important principal of science called repeatability. Others must be able to duplicate a principal without the inventor involved or present. This is so important because it eliminates the scammers.

    “Your partner tells a physics student not to use this topic for risk of looking stupid?”

    Another debating 101 ploy – I have no partners here and only speak for myself.

    “Distracting thought over this subject renders you a total fake individual who most definitely work’s as part of an internet team overlooking these topics with an agenda to dis-inform all. ”

    How about promoting a product that no one can make work? Why hasn’t anyone put one in an electric car or golf card and driven across the country? Put one in a suspended isolated cage to show it works? Had a beta sight somewhere in a well known company or two (like the Bloom Box). No one doubt the Bloom Box works and it’s only been out a year or two. Why? Because others can make it work.

    “..Use of Clickbank is ALWAYS a scam regardless of the product. Clickbank seeks to deceive people into thinking that this is a legitimate post by a person…”

    I said this and I was wrong in that I did not know enough about Clickbank. I apologize for this but still stand by my other statements until someone can prove otherwise in a logical and scientific manner.

    H Katz

  13. Mr. Katz (if that is who you really are)

    Why are you here in the first place? If you don’t believe this works or any work related to technology capable of producing electricity by any means and more in this case of magnets, unplug yourself from this page and move on with your life, instead of posing as the guardian angel of electricity producing corporations and the government. People can read around the lines…..

    So, are we to believe EVERYTHING remotely related to producing energy outside the corporations we pay to provide the same is all a scam?

    Take a small electric motor…a toy motor, that contains two magnets opposing each other. Place a big enough wheel where a gear might be and plug the cables that would normally be connected to a power source and connect them to a small LED. Place a digital voltmeter for reading purposes. Turn that wheel around sufficiently enough and you WILL get that LED to turn on! That, in itself, disproves you. There is technology that is based on this principle that can produce what you impose people to believe is impossible. You are a troller, plain and simple. How much do you get paid for dis-informing the masses?

    You are the one creating confusion and scaring people off this true principle. Laws of physics broken??

    Your partner tells a physics student not to use this topic for risk of looking stupid?

    Distracting thought over this subject renders you a total fake individual who most definitely work’s as part of an internet team overlooking these topics with an agenda to dis-inform all.

    How-was-that-again…..? First you press a statement…then you throw it on someone else?

    “..I admit my only impression of clickbank is what I got from your first message…”

    If this is true, then explain this:

    “..Use of Clickbank is ALWAYS a scam regardless of the product. Clickbank seeks to deceive people into thinking that this is a legitiamate post by a person who has really purchases the product and used it taking time to do their own posting. The only object is to make money by the scammer….” This statement clearly says your mindset. This quote alone give’s you away. So, why should we believe any of your stories here?

    And please don’t come up with that lousy line stating this has been an “automated response”……LOL…

  14. It would be a full time job keeping the stupid from throwing money away on ridiculous scams like the magnetic energy generator. Even so, the stupid are also stubborn in their intent to be losers in that they refuse to hear or even recognize the truth. They cannot even understand the following simple fact. In all this time (20 years or more the scam has been around) there is not one working example in the possession of a regular person not associated with the scammers. Not one. Not Ever. How stupid must one be to believe a video on the internet?

  15. Daniel,
    A web video is not proof of anything. Your link is invalid, just like the magnetic generator. A working example in the possession of a regular person not associated with the scammers would be convincing. That cannot happen since there is not a single real working example. You should stop wasting time searching for someone that claims it works. It just has never worked for anybody. It cannot possibly ever work. Get on with your life. Your intentions are good but this is a scam that’s been around for at least 15 years (look up Dennis Lee and his free energy generators). In all this time not one working example in the possession of a regular person not associated with the scammers.
    Not one. Not Ever.

  16. Will,

    So why isn’t there a single example of anyone building a working model? Not one built anywhere by an independent person. Only the scammers with a phony demo.

    The comments by “will” were probably an automated response so there most likely will be no answer.

  17. Nobody would go to all this trouble, give you all this information for free, if there was not something to it. This is a good one. Can’t wait to build it.

  18. Thalia,

    Thank you for responding. I admit my only impression of clickbank is what I got from your first message. I was only responding to what you said about the auto-post program that posts to discussion groups posing as a user. I feel that use of this type of posting is a deception. I hope you are not defending this criminal behavior or trying to create some kind of argument or confusion that it’s ok to deceive people to get their money. The reason I responded the way I did is that people that want to believe in something will take any glimmer of hope that it works and turn it into a belief that results in their wasting good money to purchase a scam. I’m trying to stamp out that magical belief system in their minds by slamming the door on any thought whatsoever that the Magniworks/Parendev devices are anything but a cold calculated scam to steal money from innocent people.

    Now a solar panel can really work and can help supply energy. Best of wishes on your plan to build one.

  19. I just think it takes away from the original discussion here to go chasing clickbank rabbits especially considering that based on your posts you don’t understand how the service works.

    As for the following comment you made… “I would be interested in how you can justify deceiving people into thinking you bought a product and used it when all you are trying to do is make money selling the product…” I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say?

    I’m guessing you think I’m referring to the magnetic generator here. Yes, I have the plans. They are the same as these as far as I can tell, which is why I wanted to see what others had to say about this. No, I’m not going to try to build it, but my friend was interested so I gave them to him. After reading what everyone here has to say, I don’t expect that they will work. And so this has possibly been helpful.

    However, I also got the plans to build a solar panel which I will be helping to build.

  20. Thalia,

    You make your point about click bank and then try to stifle any response by saying “this page is not intended to be a discussion about clickbank. So, that’s all I’ll say on the subject.”

    I don’t buy your attempt at censorship and you may say more on the subject if you wish – I encourage any and all discussion and will only respect you for sticking with it.

    As your first message implied Clickbank can be used along with an auto-poster program to send phony testimonials to discussion boards. This fools people into thinking that the poster purchased the product with their own money and was satisfied with it. Instead, it’s an attempt to make money from the product. Do you understand the scam and misrepresentation portrayed? You say that it will refund your money. NOT TRUE. No one who has purchased a magnetic energy set of plans has ever received their money back. The web site they bought it from simply disappears or won’t respond. (Note to scammers: Please do not bother posting that you got your money back – you’ve tried that trick before.) I would be interested in how you can justify deceiving people into thinking you bought a product and used it when all you are trying to do is make money selling the product.

    Miguel: You seem to have a small misunderstanding so let me make this perfectly clear. The magnetic motor is a total fabrication and scam. It cannot run even for a millisecond on it’s own even without a load. The famous Perendev motor demo was a total scam. All they did was put an AC powered magnet (a coil of wire with a load to keep the fuse from blowing) UNDER the table out of site. The rotor does spin because it’s a magnet responding to the AC magnet’s constant pole reversal from under the table. No physics laws broken here, only moral codes. The energy to run is supplied from the AC current running through the coil under the table, NOT from the permanent magnet used as a rotor.

    Please note: No one outside the Parendev scam community has ever seen one spin. No one. Not ever. Not once. Never did. Never will. This is the GOLDEN STANDARD of scam detection. If a device can be made to work by the general public, it’s probably real. If it’s restricted to ONLY demos from the inventors and videos on the internet from foreign countries, it’s a scam. The scientific community calls this REPEATABILITY. Please believe it so you do not become a scam victim.

  21. Hi Harvey, You seemed to have made up your mind already about the clickbank thing. I’m not some huge supporter of clickbank or whatever, so you can think what you want obviously. In fact, I should probably just walk away instead of pointing out that clickbank is merely a tool used by people who have created a product they want to sell. The tool enables others to promote and sell the product for a commission. So, saying clickbank is a scam is like saying eBay is a scam just because some of the sellers (and buyers) on eBay are “greedy” or even outright scammers or some of the products are crap. And just like with eBay you have to do your homework and use common sense with clickbank. So I buy the products and read them before I’ll promote them. (It’s kinda hard, btw, to read a document you don’t have access to unless you buy it.) And just like with paypal, clickbank gives refunds on everything with which you aren’t satisfied. Anyway, this page is not intended to be a discussion about clickbank. So, that’s all I’ll say on the subject. Sorry I said anything to begin with really. Thanks anyway, t

  22. Personally I have never seen any of the magnetic motors light up even the tiniest LED. All Examples even on YouTube are vague and simply don t work. Now that doesn t mean magnetic motors won t work, but thinking that magnets have energy stored or can produce overunity is WRONG ! Up to day the only magnet motor I have seen running is the Perendev Motor BUT without any load. A 1 kW load (a home appliance) needs the generator to produce 1kW ( for an efficiency of 100% ) and so the magnetic motor need to produce 1kW. There is no way around this fact. 1kW in = 1kW out (for a friction less motor in vaccuum ). PERIOD!

  23. @Dea
    Dea, to put it simple. You cannot create Energy out of nothing!
    There is a misunderstanding: Free Energy is not Overunity. An Overunity generator would have a higher output in energy than input. Then there is also the energy loss due to friction. No machine has a 100% efficiency because you loose energy due to friction, that is why generators and motors produce heat. Even if the 0 friction machine existed it would be “only” 100% efficient and nothing more. The amount of energy in the Universe is constant that is why you can only transform energy but not produce more than is available. Read about Thermodynamics and specially the chapter about Entropy.

    About magnetic energy: This term is commonly used but leads to misunderstanding. Magnets in it self do not produce energy. Their polarization creates a force field that can induce electricity. Induced electricity are electrons in motion. It is the principal of all dynamos and generators.

    Free Energy: Of course energy is freely available. But tapping into it is more or less expensive, because you need machines for that and you need to distribute that energy. That is not for free unfortunately.

    A magnet motor is supposed to have its magnetic force fields interact with other magnetic force fields to create a rotation of a rotor. As you know from physics the kynetic energy is m * v2 / 2. The rotor has a mass and now that is is spinning has also a certain amount of energy built up. There are formulas to calculate the kynetic energy of fly wheels. The output of such a magnetic motor would be E output = E input * % efficiency of attached generator. The magnetic force field need to be strong enough to keep the rotation such that the generator can produce enough electricity for appliances. The difficulty resides in finding the correct alignment of the magnets such that the mutual push/pull keep the rotor spinning, BUT even so called permanent magnets loose their force over time, a very long time: about 400 years. Such a motor would produce energy for free. At some point in time the force fields will weaken and the loss due to friction will eventually slow down and stop the rotor.

    There is a lot of SCAM around this topic. Harvey is right. The truth is also that you will never be able to produce enough energy with magnets to lighten a city. But it could be used to produce small amounts of energy for home appliances. It is also true that energy companies wouldn t like you to create a machine that makes them loose money. This has nothing to do with conspiracy! Its about loss of business. As long as oil companies are lobbying governments, it will be difficult to put electric cars on the market. Again it s just business.

    In an earlier post I gave an example of how much energy you would save just by producing 1kW of energy per household. Its thousands of tera watts! just for the US and Europe.

    For your physics class a warning here: In your own interest I would not use this as a topic. There is so much scam about this that you risk to make yourself look stupid. You can still keep it as a personal “secret project”. But there is something that may be interesting and I mentioned it above. Fly wheel technology. This technology is used to store energy and you would definitely need it in conjunction with a magnetic motor. You may also want to look into “magnetic bearings” that allow almost friction less rotation. That way you have a topic for your class that allows you to work on elements needed for your “secret” magnet motor project and you learn a lot about magnets and their force fields.

    Happy Physics!

  24. Harvey,

    In some earlier posts you were talking about why this cant work…. some laws that it breaks… could you explain that to me

  25. Dea,

    No one can ever state a scientific principal for this so called magnetic energy generator because it doesn’t have one. It’s based solely on magic thinking and hopes and wishes along with the callous greed of the scammers compounded by a lack of education by the public and a lack of resolve by the authorities. One could just as well ask for a scientific principal that allows Peter Pan to fly and never grow old (maybe he uses a magnetic energy generator).

    Good Luck

  26. Harvey, Miguel, and others with real scientific evidence, whether supporting or against magnetic generators,

    I am a high school student (in America, though I’m not sure thats relevant), and I am currently in a physics class. I have an interesting assignment to argue both sides of a debate about any topic concerning energy (worldwide). In searching for a unique topic to argue, I found the magnetic generators. I was searching for legitimate information, and found this… blog of sorts. I am very interested in this, and have planed to do my project on this topic. So now what I’m needing is not just yes it works, or no it doesn’t, but why or why not?

    I have begun to form my own opinion, but one thing I do not understand, in arguing the side that these do not work is the point about defying the laws of physics or thermodynamics. Is it physics or is it thermodynamics? And if there is a specific law, could someone please give me a simple explanation of this law? I’m not incompetent, so not all of this information goes over my head, but I have only completed 1 and a half semesters of first year physics. Any information that can be provided would be greatly helpful.

    In reality everyone should be able to speak for and against both sides of the argument, but to each individual there will always be one reason why their side is right. From reading, I have learned each of your opinions, but what I am requesting for this purpose is fact.

    Thanks for your help, and making this project so interesting (without even realizing it… have to love irony)!

  27. Mark,

    The technology has no potential. There’s not even a little truth in what is said. No unit has ever been shown to even run itself with no load outside the scam community (like in the possession of a real person not associated with the scam). If you even think the technology has some potential, then you are a potential scam victim. One does not have to show that something works to get a patent. Law enforcement cares little if you get scammed. They only act if forced to do so.

    Permanent magnets are not stored energy. Never have been, never will be. Spend the time learning real science.

    There is no device on planet earth that defies the laws of physics. None. Not one. Not ever. What are the chances that YOU can spend $50 on the internet and build the first one? Face reality – this pipe dream does not exist. Let’s all stamp out this kind of magical thinking and drive the scammers into obscurity and poverty where they belong.

  28. Okay then, if this stuff really really works, where can I buy one commercially?

    These Permanent Magnetic Generators have been around for years, and not one single company has one for sale? I find that very hard to swallow.

    The reason why you can only buy these things as ‘kits’, is so they can turn around and say, \you must have done something wrong\. If it did work as claimed, patents would have been copied but slightly modified and commercial units would be for sale everywhere.

    If you look around the net, the plans for these ‘kits’ are freely available and are essentially the same as the bogus companies are selling, but if you look through them, there is no in depth information, no close up pictures or guides, and it isn’t really a ‘how to’, it’s just a rough guide to something that will look roughly like they advertise. In the magniwork instruction manual as an example, the first 5 pages are full of really useful power saving tips like not leaving your lights on… no shit!

    I think the technology itself has some potential, but as has already been said on here somewhere, the units are always seen just driving themselves perpetually, but they never have any load attached.

  29. Thalia,

    Use of Clickbank is ALWAYS a scam regardless of the product. Clickbank seeks to deceive people into thinking that this is a legitiamate post by a person who has really purchases the product and used it taking time to do their own posting. The only object is to make money by the scammer. Scammers always think they are smarter than anyone else. It’s too bad that the law never seems to really catch up to the scammers.

    Like all criminals, scammers can ALWAYS justify what they do, especially to themselves. Forget ethics, religion or any other consideration. There is only greed behind it – it’s all about ME, ME, ME and only ME. Reading and researching a product is NOT the same as spending your money on it and using it. Click bank seeks to make people think that a real person has purchased and used a product when it is not true.

    There can be no justification for this behavior.

  30. To be honest, there’s no point in replying to the scammers leaving little clickbank droppings here and there, because they are probably using an auto-poster program which searches out blogs, guestbooks and any other page with comments enabled. The search is done using whatever keywords are desired and the comment is usually something very vague but meant to sound personal and relevant. It’s better if the site owner just deletes the ads he does not want to promote.

    Clickbank is the affiliate network used by most of the people selling these magnetic engine plans. Anytime you see a “hoplink” in the post, it’s clickbank. I know this because I’m a clickbank member, but some of us actually recommend products responsibly instead of just trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of people.

    I won’t promote anything I haven’t read and researched first. I found this page by looking into renewable energies and back-up generators. I had not planned on promoting the generator but considered another plan (solar panels) offered by the same seller and now I see that I might need to rethink that because if they sell one product that’s bogus, chances are their other products may be lacking something too.

    Thanks for this information.
    It’s been helpful.

  31. Chris,

    Please read point number 4 in my above reply to ICEYICU. It says:

    4. Be careful. Someone is sure to post that they did get their money back or got it to work. This would be written by a criminal trying to steal more money from people with this scam.

    Chris – In my not so humble opinion, this would describe you but there is almost no chance you would read this as these scammers just go from one site to another posting these “fishing hooks” to catch more fish.


  32. Me and my dad recently set up a magnet power generator our house. It was pretty easy and only took about 2 hours to set up. My dad said hes saving a lot now on the electricity bill for only 2 hours of work. the instructions to build one were pretty simple and easy to follow. We got them through here http://a2b60br4s0bz8pb6fb086-1d3o/?tid=2010 . I definitely recommend magnetizing your home, it’s good for the environment (using less electricity) and saves you a lot of money on the bills.

  33. In my opinion, this site appears to support and promote technologies that are scientifically impossible. These are also known as scams. They can never be delivered to anyone outside the inventor/scammer as a working unit. Never, not once, not ever, yet this site continues to enable these criminals.

    Please do not support this site.

  34. Hi Iceyyou,

    Thanks for your comment. Magnetic energy is absolutely bogus. No one outside the inventors themselves have ever claimed to make one work. They cannot deliver a working unit to anybody. Never. Not one time. There will be people that post that it works but they are the criminals trying to get your money. They try to confuse the issue. Their only purpose is to get your money. We’ve all seen test solar powered cars. We’ve all seen battery powered cars coming on to the market. We’ve all seen hybrid cars on the market. We’ve all seen wind power generators. No one has ever seen a magnetic power generator working in the hands of a regular person not associated with the so called inventor. No power company is trying to stop wind power or solar power and these are really being used every day. The magnetic generator people like to claim that the big power companies are trying to stop them. Why would they need to? It doesn’t even work.

    If you buy plans for a magnetic generator this is what always happens:

    1. After you try to build it and cannot understand the plans, they will blame you and tell you it’s your fault.

    2. If you do build it, it won’t work – they will blame you.

    3. You will NEVER get your money back no matter what.

    4. Be careful. Someone is sure to post that they did get their money back or got it to work. This would be written by a criminal trying to steal more money from people with this scam.

    The magnetic generator qualifies as a perpetual motion machine which can never be realized since it breaks the known laws of physics. These laws have never been broken. People have tried for thousands of years and have not succeeded. They never will.


  35. Hey Harvey,
    It is Les on this side, but you can call me anything you want except for “late to dinner” please. I finally finished reading this page of comments and loved all of the comments you had to say. They where the best when you were replying to Sebastian. I have been looking up information on solar energy, wind turbines, hydroenergy, and also magnetic energy to help my family and I become more ecofriendly. Do you believe all magnetic energy is bogus or do you think it is possible. You seem to be alot more intelligent than I am, but I won’t learn unless I keep trying to figure out topics I do not know about. I was trying to read Sebastian’s comments and could have sworn I was trying to figure out a cryptoquip. Sorry Sebastian, I only know English and a little Spanish. I can’t wait to see what new comments appear in the next month or so. Everyone, try to enjoy the conversation and Sebastian, lay off on the profanity. It just makes it sound like you have a smaller vocabulary than you really do. 😀

  36. Everyone:

    Example of genuine breakthrough versus a scam:

    The recently announced Bloom Box (Google it). It creates electricity directly from any flammable gas with no flame – uses air circulation to supply air (oxygen). We know it’s not a scam because eBay, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and FedEx, all of them big-name companies (also including Google), are beta customers of Bloom’s distributed energy fuel cell technology (which was the subject of a 60 Minutes profile on Sunday and various other stories since then). They have been using the box for up to 9 months generating electricity for about 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt cheaper then what the electric companies charge. A relatively small unit can power a house but the price is still too high for the individual home owner. The power companies never tried to interfere and indeed may be possible customers themselves.

    Now let’s look at the infamous magnetic energy generators. 1. No beta sites in any known companies. 2. Continual whining for more money and saying the power companies are against them. 3. Won’t (can’t) deliver a working unit to anybody. 4. Won’t (can’t) deliver a working unit to anybody. I repeated that last point for those that still believe in magnetic energy since they are a bit slow and are to be pitied. You have to pay money for plans so YOU can be blamed for it not working when you build it. The same can be said for using water as a fuel.

    Notice the Bloom box is delivered as a working unit, and the company has fixed any problems for FREE (clogged air filters).

    That should settle the belief in magnetic energy generators for all but the stupid and those criminals trying to still make money off this scam. But don’t fear, one of these criminals is sure to post that they bought the plans and it’s working great.

  37. Olatunde Adesegun Aroloye,

    Sorry – It was just that you have a very unusual name. The way I test for a scam is simply can other people duplicate whatever the reported effect is and does it violate the known laws of physics. These two rules taken together have always exposed scams. With cold fusion, these people made a genuine error. How do we know? They were honest enough to publish all the details. Other people then tried it and located their mistakes. No one had to threaten to kill them since they expected others to duplicate their results. There are many people who will simply not respond to those kinds of threats. Many others reveals those threats on their deathbed regardless. That’s how science works. Even if something appears to violate the known laws of physics, if others can make it work, we will figure out why and change the laws of physics. With water as a fuel, no one has ever shown that it is possible to liberate hydrogen and oxygen with less energy than can be obtained by burning the hydrogen and oxygen. It also is against the known laws of thermodynamics that have not yet been broken. If someone discovers this, let them publish it for all to try. Do big companies try to hide things? Absolutely! Are they any good at it? Not in the long run. Don’t give the big companies the power of gods. They are not that smart or competent. For some reason, great discoveries are usually discovered by multiple people in the world even though they are not aware of each other’s work. Also, all large companies have some honest people working for them and the secrets are virtually always disclosed soon after. People were saying the electric car was being suppressed yet the Tesla is now on sale with over 700 units delivered. General Motors (see movie Who killed the Electric Car?) will soon be selling the Chevy Volt, a car superior to the old EV1 by far, and for much less money then the EV1 cost in the first place. The EV1 simply was not ready or financially ready to be sold. It was just a research project. Also, Nissan will be selling its electric car, the Leaf, this year. So much for THAT conspiracy. Ok – there IS a conspiracy against using water as fuel – it’s called the second law of thermodynamics. Let’s put all the Scientists and mother nature in jail!!

    See conspiracies where there are none does not make one very believable. The scammers are the first ones to cry conspiracy as a smart way to attract investment money for scams.

    How to spot a scam every time:

    1. Inventor claims the big companies are trying to suppress his invention.

    2. No one else can make it work outside his control (hey – drive a car across the country with only water as a fuel and do it in public – no need to reveal any secrets).

    3. It’s never quite ready yet – we just need a little more money (like YOUR money right now).

    Take Care – I used my real name as well 🙂

  38. How can there NOT be a “conspiracy?”
    The energy monopolists are going to just sit there and let their $Billions per year unnecessary profits go down the drain without a struggle? THEY’D BETTER “CONSPIRE!”

    I was very excited to hear in the min 1990s that someone had found that the simple way to produce Cold Hydrogen Fusion was by electrolyzing Heavy Water (i.e. Deuterium Oxide). Within months we were building castles on the Moon, so to speak! The Oceans would provide enough energy for thousands of years.

    Then, suddenly, they began to tell us that it was all a silly mistake! These scientists had rushed into print without checking their figures, and had stupidly omitted some decimal point, where they were not producing fusion at all- but just made a very expensive coffee warmer, is all.

    Is it easier to believe that otherwise sensible men made such a silly mistake, or is it more likely that they were given a simple choice: “Discredit yourselves, OR DIE!!!”

    It doesn’t take 10 minutes on Google to verify that I am using my real name, despite the inadvisability of doing so. I don’t think I have anywhere near the status that CIA Black Ops would come knocking politely on my door- with M60 D.U. to give me the choice to “Shut up, and DIE!” or else to “Shut up, and DIE!”

    Since the Christmas Bomber (MK-ULTRA) setup hoax, my country has been put on the list of terrorist-supporting nations. (WE- who can’t even support our old-age pensioners!) Maybe it is a CIA roundabout way of finding an excuse to drop a bomb on my house (which they must have located through ECHELON,) claiming that they thought a drone saw Osama was buying a bottle of Coke there.

  39. Harvey Katz wrote on 21/11/09:

    >>>By the way, any claim to use water as a fuel for a car or to improve mileage is a scam. Water is not a fuel because it takes more energy to free the hydrogen and oxygen atoms (electrolysis)then you can get by using the gasses. It doesn’t matter what method is used to free the gases, it will always take more energy then you can get from the liberated gases (it’s that annoying first law of thermodynamics again).<<<

    During the 1970s, I remember seeing a serious newspaper article announcing: "MOTORISTS TO SOON FILL UP WITH MILK." The piece went on to explain that there was an experiment to use an ultrasonically emulsified mixture of petrol and water to fuel cars being tried out. This would presumably increase mileage and reduce pollution. This was all I ever heard about the project,which I believe happened somewhere in Great Britain.

    I do not believe that everyone advertising water-for-fuel is a scam artist. I believe that some people have discovered things and know things that those of us whose knowledge stops with what "They" let us learn in school do not yet know.

  40. Hello Everybody,

    can somebody help me with contact to producer of home free energy generator ? I want to purchase generator with min output 24KW. Thank you in advance… bdi

  41. Sebastian,

    Thank you for your response. It seems that you are a nice intelligent person after all!

    Although governments are necessary, don’t turn your back on any of them.

    As far as Tesla goes, some scientists here built a very large Tesla coil to test his theory of transmitting energy after reviewing his papers on the subject (Discovery channel special called Mad Electricity). Our government took all of his papers just before world war 2 and then released them some years after. We can never be sure if they released them all. Anyway, the papers on energy transmission through the air were released and were recently tried with a 1/4 scale Tesla coil. As expected, it did transmit a small amount of energy a short distance. The conclusion is that there is no known technology or reason to believe it could be made to be practical due to energy losses through the air at distance not to mention possible health risks to people. The amount of energy required would be impracticable and wasteful. Remember, every great scientist has some ideas that can never work. Tesla was a great scientist and inventor and is credited by our supreme court with inventing the radio. Most people believe Marconi invented the radio but, as I recall, he used about 17 of Tesla’s patents in it. Marconi did work very hard on perfecting this and deserves some credit, but the US supreme court credited the rights of the radio patents to Tesla and his descendants. Tesla was also responsible for our use of AC current (his greatest contribution which he donated his rights for free) and published the theory of radar. Unfortunately, it would be many years before technology could be developed to implement it (radar).

    Take care.


  42. dear Harvey.Y understand your point of view that you want to
    help others to don´t whaste their money and y know that USA
    constitution sustain the right to free speech.
    but let´s think a bit.
    just a bit.
    why ANS whant´s to use some cryptographic chip made especialy by them
    in all the electronichs like phones or other stuff that use
    encrypted data transfer?
    easy…so they ca listen all people and intercept all private data send between two or more person.
    y know this because some time y´we work in this area like hobby.
    this is a fact search in your lovely google
    other one is the rfid chip they want to implant,the code it send´s begin with 666,why this number because also y know
    much abouth rfid and in a rfid sistem you can send any number.
    you can be a good physician but y am a good informatician.
    and y guess you read Bible…and also know this is the number of mamon in the juish religion.
    also,my dear Harvey do you know that bush ex-president and it´s family are gods in oil domain.
    you american fellows cut the founds for tesla´s job when he
    start made that tower to deliver energy for free.
    this is a fact it´s not lie.
    y am not interested in free energy,this is a point you are
    presume you don´t understand.
    y don´t want to make some perpetual motor,y know the laws of
    y search for a motor which get´s a higgher randament,or a motor wich convert better a kind of energy in another.

  43. Very in depth article, I have been interested in the freedom that producing your own energy would bring. With the state of the world as it is and the energy companies rapid rise in prices it is the way to go.
    I myself have looked at this as an option it seems a good safe solution to use alongside solar power for your own home

  44. Sebastian:

    Let’s look at what you wrote:

    dear Harvey Katz for shure you are one of the person
    paid by bitches to coment shit.

    Why would I get paid when I am trying to save people from wasting their money on plans that never work?

    better go to other forum and eat(sh..)what ever you want
    because y don´t understand who the f… ask your opinion?
    and also who the f… are you.

    I am someone who cares when people are cheated out of their hard earned money. Also, I live in the USA where free speech is guaranteed in our constitution. I see that you would like to keep me from speaking freely. I guess it’s because that’s how you were raised. Get over it.

    just some scum bag wich eat …. abouth other people work.
    who said y want to save the world?
    you think 2 sec later y guess because also you won´t

    What other peoples’ work? Not one single person has ever made one of these so called free energy machines work except for the wild claims of the scammers themselves.

    You want people to go to a web site where some scammer tries to get more money from people to invest in his scam. First, he turns a few flywheels with his finger – what a genius he is. Then he has some so called motors spinning on a table. Any educated person would know he has an AC magnet under the table which would cause a magnet on a bearing to spin where you would see no wires. How do I know? Because no one but him can get it to work. Any invention must be repeatable by others or it’s a fake. All educated people know this. Also, he speaks in Russian. Any scammer with brains would know the real money is in the English speaking world and that the Russians and Nigerians are famous for trying to use the internet to scam us.

    Look, Sebastian – I did not call you any names or use any bad language. You should learn enough science to understand that these so called free energy machines are ALL a scam. I know we would all like them to work but that does not change laws of physics that have never been broken. If you went to school at one of the fine Russian universities, you could learn English such that we could understand you, and you would realize how only ignorant people believe that these free energy machines can work. Did you qualify to go to a university?

    Are you smart enough to realize I am trying to do you a favor?

  45. dear Harvey Katz for shure you are one of the person
    paid by bitches to coment shit.
    better go to other forum and eat(sh..)what ever you want
    because y don´t understand who the f… ask your opinion?
    and also who the f… are you.
    just some scum bag wich eat …. abouth other people work.
    who said y want to save the world?
    you think 2 sec later y guess because also you won´t
    make stupid comments.
    y am just a person wich want´s friends to speak to and
    came with ideas,y don´t need your comments!
    go f… you self with the magniwork sucker.
    and Miguel ,yo tambien soy en españa si quieres podemos
    hablar [email protected]

  46. Chas:
    A drunk once told me he was Jesus Christ. Maybe it was the same drunk you talked to. In any case, one should ALWAYS believe drunks in bars and give them all your money. Wait a minute – an American Tire MAGNET (not MAGNATE?). Maybe he could power a car with his tire magnet power.

    Why would anyone try to stop you? Well, maybe your mother should before you embarrass her with more of your bad English that no one can even understand. The internet is full of people promising to save the world. We never see anything productive from them. You can’t be more than 11 years old. Please, oh please, finish school and try harder.

  47. Y have a motor wich use a levitated stator in a vidate
    christal chamber.the stator first is tuching 1 point
    and y use ordinarly laser cheap to make it spin in the
    vidated cristal chamber and after it gets to a great rotation per second y use an magnet external of the chamber to push the magnet wich is near the point that tuch and make the
    stator to go levitated and y control the rpm speed by
    microcontroler with light interrupted swich and it gets to a
    extreme rpm and i have seen strange things happend at a
    great rpm,things that go beyond my explanations.y am not sale anything and don´t need money from no one,y search people wich
    want to help me get something good from this and even if y will make something someday to generat great amount of energy
    y will publish free all of my papers on a large number of sites
    in internet.if someone has balls try to stop me.

  48. Well! somebody told me for the second time the other day about this magnetic power plant in youre back garden with leather parker knoll chair and masarate car to follow after negotiating with the local electric company, I didnt know about the scientific inprobabillities untill i read the chat from harvey Katz and miguel but my first response after recaling the first time my friend spoke of it was some time ago, was why is it still secret?,allso If someone was too invent such a device they would have two opptions from one or all the big mogels, The first of wich would be unlimited wealth wich would be placed in a swiss bank account in return for all information and rights for the said device the other of the two options would be waiting in the car with a pair of pliers.
    Im affraid i am very sinicle about such things suddenly being allowed to appear and bounce around the internet for so long.
    Some chap i got drunk with once was an American car tire magnet he told me they could quite easily make tires that last forever but they dont, The money that some of these allternative energie companies are making is Robery, sometimes i feel that a large percent of the whole global warming , colapse etc is exsagerated and fulled by the the desire to sell its feared inhabitants with stuff to calmm there guilty concense about them taking part in its demise.
    I do my bit! But as has allredy been said There is a lot of S***ERS out there but unfortunatly the worst ones are so far inserted into oure lives that the other dont get a look in.

  49. Troll:
    Yeah!! So did I. I am now supplying free energy to the entire United States. I will include Europe as well if someone would send me 4 billion dollars.

  50. Olatunde Aroloye (not a real name, one can only assume):

    So there is a conspiracy to prevent free energy generators from being built? Your double talk is nonsense. Your logic cannot even be called logic. If you really believe what you are saying then you really should seek professional help. If you work at a university then I assume you are the janitor with delusions of competence.

  51. I believe in various of the Free Energy sca- er, schemes.
    That you don’t find this in school textbooks is easily explained: WHO OWNS THE SCHOOLS? The Big Mistake the naive and ignorant make about Government is that Government is the Servant of The People- and that THEY are one of “The People.”

    If this technology is firmly established in the hands of the common people, most of them will still be controllable, but many of them will not. To the Real Government- those who control things from behind the scenes, this will be “Chaos,” and Chaos is to be avoided at all costs (to the little people- not to themselves).

    For every person who sets out Free Energy tech in a reasonable, comprehensible manner, The Agents and Assets of Oppression send out 99 of their own to sow confusion and discouragement. THEY CAN AFFORD IT; IT IS WORTH IT TO THEM!

    Various companies sell all the different types of magnets. FIND THEM. Stop begging like spastic illiterate beggar children. Don’t you know how to buy stuff on the Internet? (Try not to leave a clear trail that leads to your house, lest you become a victim of a mysterious unsolved crime.)

    The power from a free energy device is best used to charge up batteries, which can be drained through an inverter at will.
    Anyone who knows anything about magnets knows that if you pack them in opposition to one another, they lose their magnetism. (I learned that in Primary School.) Someone said that they never saw any of these devices run for up to a year without demagnetizing their magnets. Obviously, their domains must mess up. It stands to reason this must happen. If the magnets are allowed to heat up, this will happen. So, they must be cooled as much as possible. Those who live in cold climates get free cooling! This is an uphill struggle. There are liars and deceivers at every turn.

    None of the academicians (I work in a university) have any interest in working on this. Their future is already secure.
    One professor went on National Television a couple of years ago, demonstrating a rotating magnetic free energy device. He was going to save Africa. He has vanished off the radar. No one can even tell me his name.

    Colonel Bearden explained that “They” took Quarternion Algebra out of schools and replaced it with Tensor Algebra, so that the Free Energy application of the Energy Equations of Faraday, Maxwell, and others disappear. What students are shown are allegedly not these inventors’ original work. So you see that the Cover-Up is organized from the highest intellectual levels.

  52. @Harvey
    This is a scam, I agree.

    I just wanted to say that scientists have discovered that the universe is not slowing down at all. In fact, they discovered that it is speeding up!!! If all of our rules of physics are proven, why then, are they called theories? If no one has ever witnessed me eating, does that mean it is proven that I do not eat? We have theories that work just fine in our micro world but do not add up in the grand aspect of the universe or at the sub atomic level. We must not know it all then.

  53. kevin ,you said go to Squidoo.com .Its just a con.I baught the plans from the guys that built the generator from australia. Google magnetic generators. you can see a bunch of utube videos about lots of them.

  54. As the people wrote here on top this generator business is only a scam and you dont get your money back.I’ve just being scammed by people selling me the info and as you ask them for a clearer explanation and better diagrams because you cannot build a generator on this info,they claim that you only want to get the info for free.What can you do with info that does’nt make sense to you,its absolutely useless.

  55. Big Chair:

    This product does not have “problems”. It’s a complete fabrication and scam. It’s based on an age old myth of something (energy) for nothing (except your money that is). You can market anything you want whether it works or not. You can patent a machine even if it doesn’t work. The various governments are not anxious to shut anyone down unless enough people complain and force them to take legal action – which is very expensive to do. Scammers know this fact very well and make a good living because of it. If you are in the U.S., look at the ads towards the back of Discover magazine some time. You can find ads for a water machine “Said to Cure Anything”. The ad is so pathetic that it’s funny. Nothing in the ads makes the least bit of sense. This is similar to ads placed 150 years ago selling “Snake Oil” that can cure anything. Not much has changed since. If something really works as advertised, you might have success selling it. The BIG OIL companies could care less. This so called Magnaworks free energy generator duplicates the plans from a similar device around for many years. No independent party has ever gotten one to work – only the inventors or retailers report that it works. A sure sign of a scam. Big Chair, if thousands of people cannot make it work, what makes you think that you can? It would be easier to walk on water and rise from the dead.

  56. it will take someone like myself to produce the energy device that you all speak of. This device is in the making now. And to comment on some of the other above comments, who cares if the main power companies shutdown,they have been overcharging us for years, i bet there families have never had their lights cut off in the middle of winter. They dont care about you so why care about some people that have millions if not billions of dollars in the bank.—When you move in a city you dont get a choice to pick where you buy power from-instead you have only choice -the local power company-they control everything-its about making money-its not about caring if you have power- if it was there wouldn’t be a power bill- they know you need it and that you can’t live without it. all those that feel me ( get your invention on) But im going to be the first to market it–roger out.

  57. To Rubics Cube..
    I’m not particularly smart.But I received enough education to understand some fundamental facts in physics. True, physics is based on theories that are proven for now, until they may be replaces by new theories. We need people who know what’s inside the square but are curious and have enough courage to think outside of the square and try new things. Curiosity is one of the fundamental charactistics of humans. It produces pioneers, engineers like Tesla, Edison aso. Trying new things even if they seem absurd, sometimes reveal new opportunities. What is sad, is that pseudo scientists and uneducated people take advantage of technologies and use their intellectual misery to make money by scaming people who certainly are sincere but lack sufficient education.

    So if one wants to avoid beeing a victim, he needs education of all kinds. Even if you will never be a great scientist or inventor at least you understand the world you are living in. You will be better prepared for the future and will not be scared of change. Our civilization has been ruled by fear. Understand the world and be free.

    Harvey said it right. Even our planets, our sun and galaxy are slowing down. Our moon will someday hit earth because it is slowing down and the reason can be found here:


    This is a link to thermodynamics. I don t understand everything but it explains why perpetual motion is impossible even in a system where there is no friction like in space.

    We are facing big changes in our civilization and ANY new ideas should be welcomed, but not blindly accepted as facts. On the other hand we must not reject them blindly either just because they don t fit in our current view of the world.

    The smartest thing we can do is give any idea its chance but with the necessary scepticism.

    The great thing about internet is that millions of people share ideas and knowledge. Never before in history so many people had access to so much knowledge.(But its people’s choice wether to use that knowlegde for good or evil.) Never in history mankind was forced to think about it’s future, but hundreds of millions of people will be needed to make politicians change the way our world is ruled.

    If we can build magnet motors( I m not talking about magniworks!!!) to run small house appliances like light, all kinds of phone chargers, computers and the very important beer cooler 😉 in the workshop, we should do it and contribute to a cleaner and saver world. Even if you can produce only 500 Watts of energy…multiply that by the number of house holds world wide and calculate how many nuclear/coal power plants and nature distroing, micro climate changing water retention systems can be avoided.
    We pollute by the number but the same number can make things chance….

  58. Rubics Cube,

    Thank you for your honesty and the compliment. My brother is a PHD physicist and I hope some of it has rubbed off on me :). As kids, we did endless scientific experiments. It is indeed wise to research something before spending money on it. Sometimes the number of scams seem overwhelming. We, as a society need people to become educated while remaining creative. Tesla was a good example of this as he was educated at the Realschule, Karlstadt in 1873, the Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria and the University of Prague. This helped him in being creative since he could easily eliminate those ideas that could never work, and come up with concepts that while new, had solid physics and engineering behind them.

  59. Harvey,

    True very true, I am smart enough to know that with some sercing all this crap that people are getting scamed by is free to find so I havnt been a victem and havnt bought any of it, its sad that people are getting scamed, im not going to argue with you about the Laws of Physics it is very aparent that you know more about this subject than I do.

  60. Rubics Cube,

    Your position allows you and others to be the continuing victims of scams like the Magnawork Generator. The laws of physics have ALL been proven in that they have never been broken. That’s the only definition of proven that we mortal humans have. The longer they remain unbroken, the less likely they will be. I agree that we do not know everything and there still can and likely will be new laws of physics discovered which may cause some old ones to be modified slightly, but you can be certain they won’t be discovered by someone promoting or buying a $50 set of scam plans on the internet. Tesla never violated any laws of physics, never wrote a new one, and still was a great innovator and inventor. As far as the solar system operating for all this time, the current laws of physics clearly show everything is slowing down exactly as predicted. It’s just that planets are so massive and move at such great speed that it takes billions of years for them to slow down (they get closer to the sun as they slow down). Why can’t we make something stay in motion for 300 days? We’ve done that and better. they’re called earth satellites. On earth, it’s more difficult because air, other friction, and gravity slow things down. In a vacuum, with near frictionless bearings, we can get something to spin for a long time. But if you tap it’s energy to do any work at all, it slows down quickly and the energy you get from it is always less then what you put in in the first place to get it to spin.

    I do not want to discourage anyone from being creative in trying to help with the energy crisis. I’m just saying get educated in the applicable disciplines first. You cannot think out of the box unless you know what the box looks like in the first place.

  61. @ Harvey & Miguel

    Wow, you 2 seem to be very intelegent…are you guys from this planet?..hehe. From the plans/blueprint or what ever they are, it seems to me that this thing is as hard to construct as the Rubics Cube (no pun intended) is to figure out. lol….

    I agree with both of you on all your post.

    But all the laws of Physics have not been proven to be true, most of them are (still) just theory, if all the laws of physics where proven to be true,There would be no need for Science as we know it… We would be ignorent to think or believe we know everything. The answer may be so simple its right in front of our face and we can not see it. perpetual motion might not be (absolutlly) possible. Nicolas Tesla must have felt like everyone thought he was crazzy then,and now we realize he was one of the most intelegent beings that ever lived on this Earth. Our Solar System mght not be (absolute) perpetule motion but, It has been in motion for 24 Billion years (we think). So why couldnt we make something that could stay in motion for,say like 300 days…lol…???

  62. I agree with Harvey.

    I have never seen yet a magnet motor actually driving a AC generator to produce enough electricity to light even a tiny LED. Anything you might see on youtube has nothing attached to the motor. There is one example of the perendev motor that seems to start spinning as soon as you approach the clamps with the magnets, BUT again nothing is attached to it. The laws of conservation of energy clearly state that no energy is lost or gained. Motors may have a certain efficiency up to 90% the remainder is lost as heat(10%). So what comes in will come out in terms of energy conservation.

    Most people are confused about the term free energy. Well, energy is free but you need to tap it somehow and that costs money. What people have in mind is the so called Overunity machine. That is a machine that produces more energy than it needs to run. And that is according to the laws of conservation of energy impossible!

    The above mentione magnet motor is not a free energy machine because you need to spend a couple of bucks to build it. It is not a Overunity machine either because the current induced in the wiring encounters resistance and that will produce heat. 100% – heat is 100% – heat . PERIOD.

    A magnet motor would have to produce enough kinetic energy (thru a flywheel) to produce x kilowatts to drive a generator that produces z kilowatts electricity – n kilowatts heat. z + n = x.
    The efficiency beeing z/x. If you want to have 1 Kilowatt of electricity with 90% efficiency the magnet motor will need to produce more than 1.1 Kilowatts of energy because it also needs to overcome its own friction loss.

    Free energy already exists(Sun, Wind, Water…)
    Overunity is according to the laws of physics impossible.

  63. Dear Magniwork User,

    You did not use the Magniwork Plans to get good results since the entire principle is bogus and can never be demonstrated in public. Your so called motor does not work. Your user id has the ip address of a Magniwork scam site – if you were smarter you would have hidden it better. In my opinion you probably work for the company and/or are trying to profit directly from sales of the Magniwork scam. I won’t bother asking you to demonstrate your working motor since you already have a list of excuses why you cannot. If it works then put it in an electric car for all to see. That won’t happen.

    Everyone please note where I said previously that the only ones saying it works are those involved in the scam – never an independent party or scientist. The Magiwork User message proves my point.

    Magnetism is not stored energy. Never has been, never will be. Having progressively stronger magnets raises the problem of what happens at the end of the line when the strongest one is reached? The weakest one would have to pull it away from the strongest one. Even if momentum carried it there, the strongest magnet would pull it back in reverse where it would stay permanently next to the strongest magnet. You would then need a crowbar (a non magnetic one at that) to pry it loose. That’s how the real world that we live in works. I didn’t invent it, it’s just how it is, so live with it and work within its limits.

  64. @Harvey

    Agree totaly. I happen to live in France 🙂 but I m not french. Nuclear is currently the cleanest major power we can have dispite the radioactive waste. I made my point about this in a previous post. But nuclear is not indefinitely available. Sooner or later we will run out of uranium, like we do with Oil.

    Battery Cars are the future..maybe. They currently lack of performance and design, except for the “Tesla” Cars. They run on lithium batteries which have a guaranteed life time of about 5 years. BUT they are expensive and Lithium is a poison that attacks the nerve system. I can t imagine what is going to happen with our environment if we replace all fuel cars by lithium battery ones. Sooner or later those batteries need recycling if possible. How many countries in the world have the necessary infrastructure to recycle ? Those batteries would end up thrown away and pollute the environment.
    Running cars out of fuel cells is not efficient either. You named the reason.

    There is a french inventor who is developping cars that run off compressed air! And he will be selling them to india I think. They are not allowed in France(yet)…guess… Total/Fina/Elf !! Until the population does not put pressure on their governments nothing will change or do we want to wait until nature repairs itself doing some natural selection ?

    We are all in a terrible situation and maybe we are living the end of our civilisation as we have known it for the last 100 years. Its not the end of mankind of course but there will be tremendous changes in our way of life and everybody will be affected, from poor (they already are) to the rich( just a question of time).

    Finally I believe that anything we do today to preserve our planet is completely useless if we cannot control population growth. More people means more energy consumption, more extensive food production, genetically modified of course. We cannot grow infinitely in a finite space. You can t fill your house or appartement with thousands of people. Controlling population growth is a very delicate topic. Who decides when people have to stop making babies? At least for a while until the natural “departure” of people produces a negative trend in growth?
    Our civilisation has been built on finite resources exploited by people who believe in infinite growth. Science and technology WILL NOT BE ABLE SO SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS!!! There is very good lecture from Dr. Bartlett, Boulder University, Colorado.


    SO I think that we must try everything possible to preserve our planet. Right, no one made the Magnet motor work yet. But how many inventions have been put aside until someonelse picked it up and looked at from a different side and “TADAA!!!” ? Of course I m not claiming the be the one who saves the planet, far from that, but I like the idea. If I get it to run you will be the first one I will tell. 🙂


  65. Miguel,

    Thanks for your comment. Remember, the Perendev motor has been around for at least 3 years and no independent person can produce a working model. The inventor is still trying to get more money from investors with his optimistic talk, but has no results to show whatsoever. The best large scale power generation we have is nuclear power. It’s not perfect (with the waste and all) but France has proven beyond a doubt it can be used safely. Once electric cars are practical in 5 to 10 years, nuclear power can be used to charge them thereby eliminating a major source of pollution. Wind power still needs many more sites to be a major contender as does solar. New nuclear technology can recycle about 90% of its waste but these plants are expensive. Currently, most of the world’s electric power is generated by dirty coal and those companies are really trying to prevent other energy sources from being used.

    By the way, any claim to use water as a fuel for a car or to improve mileage is a scam. Water is not a fuel because it takes more energy to free the hydrogen and oxygen atoms (electrolysis)then you can get by using the gasses. It doesn’t matter what method is used to free the gases, it will always take more energy then you can get from the liberated gases (it’s that annoying first law of thermodynamics again).


  66. @Harvey

    Agreed, there is no such thing like magnetic energy. I was talking more about using energy to build the magnets. Actually you need to align the elementary magnets such that all magnet force lines go in the same direction. We should rather talk about magnetic force. The Perendev motor is a good approach. It is about magnets repelling and attracting in a way that a magnet is attracted by the next one before it can be hold back. As I said above I have never seen any motor actually driving a generator. Magnets need to be stong enough to overcome friction and the elecrical load on the generator.

    Anyway I get your point.

    Dont get me wrong I m as sceptical as you, but I want still to find out by myself if the Perendev motor works. Physics says no, I say well…lets try. In no way I am doing pseudo science. If I gave the impression, sorry about that. I don t have a problem laughing at my self, but it makes a lot of fun building machines. I m not the kind of person who stops trying things just because others tell me it wont work. Curiosity is what drives mankind.

    I started posting here because unfortunately people’s motivation to do research seems to be screwing energy companies, getting rich (scam, fraud) and a misconcept of so called free energy.

    We need to do everything possible to find alternative solutions to oil and try even solutions that seem absurd…we don t have the choice.

    kind regards


  67. Miguel,

    I believe that you are sincere and honest and thanks for the reply. However, hundreds of years of physics says magnetism in a permanent magnet is not really stored energy at all. Attraction itself is not energy. If it were, we would have gravity engines as well. If a magnet attached to a ceiling pulls a hundred pound weight to it, you have to expend that energy to remove the hundred pound weight from the magnet – a big job. No net gain of energy at all. Same as dropping a weight off the roof. These “motors” suffer from the same problem. Every new scam has some reasonable sounding explanation for the average (not an insult) person. Those fortunate enough to be trained in physics see the flaw immediately but cannot easily explain it to everyone in short sound bytes. Most people don’t want a long involved explanation. Scammers love pseudo science. Although there is not enough room here to explain why but suffice it to say no one has ever seen the “Parendev” motor (or any other)of these motors work outside the claims of the inventors/investors. Google “Parendev scam” and read about how the inventor behaves like every other scammer and is under suspicion. If these motors worked overcoming the friction of ordinary bearings, you could then use the new ultra low friction bearings and use the saved energy to do work! This has never happened and never will (yes, never – until the laws of physics are repealed by a higher power).


  68. @Harvey

    I agree with you. Perpetual motors are also called overunity machines and thats where thermodynamics come in. You cannot build a machine that produces more energy than it consumes. But MagnetMotor are not really perpetual motion motors, because magnets loose theire energy over time eventually making the motor unusable. Magnets only deliver us much energy as has been put in. I m talking about a motor whose relative position of magnets produce a continuous attraction/repulsion moment leading to rotation. The stronger the magnets the more torque and speed you gain which can be used to drive an alternator(AC) or a generator(DC). Go to google and type “Perendev” . That motor is not an overunity machine it simply uses magents to produce rotation of a flywheel and torque.

    Yes there is a lot of scam. I am very careful not to step into the trap. You are right. I have actually never seen one of those machines lighting up a bulb , not even a tiny LED. Even magnet motors are shown only rotating but I have never seen one that is actually attached to generator, not even a simple one like a bycicle dynamo.
    I m just curious and want to try…for the fun of it. If it doesn t work…well too bad. At least I did n t try to make money out of scam like so many do. I m not investing a big a mount of dollars…just a few to build a model and see if the principal works…except that from the beginning I intend to drive a generator and wont stop as soon as I have a rotating but useless device.

  69. Miguel,

    As I said – Not one of these “Magnetic Motors” has ever been demonstrated by anyone but the inventor/dealer under questionable circumstances. If some principle really works, it can be duplicated. Not the Romag. Not Magnaworks. None of them. They are all, in effect, perpetual motion machines which violate the first law of thermodynmaics. Mumbo Jumbo aside, this law has never been broken. Never. No exceptions (as Dr. Bronner would say 🙂

    Save your money. Don’t fall for this scam.

    You know it’s a scam when:

    Inventor says big oil tries to suppress it.
    Others cannot use or demonstrate it – especially scientists.
    It violates the known laws of physics.
    Perpetual Motion (motor runs a generator which produces enough power to run the motor plus extra).

    Solar power? Yes – it works. Wind Power? Yes. Hydro-Electric Power? Yes.

    As much as one hopes these scams work they still don’t. By the way – don’t try to get your money back from for any of the perpetual motion generator scams. You won’t get it even though there are some false testimonials out there saying they did.

  70. Hi Miguel,
    Having read your piece on this blog, itrust your opinion on the said topic and would appreciate a feedback o n your ongoing research.
    Take care

  71. @Harvey and everybody

    There is a profound misunderstanding wrt to free energie.
    What is free energy? One cannot produce energy out of nothing. The total amount of energy in the Universe is constant, it means that you don t use up energy but that energy is tranformed in an other type of energy. The kinetic energy of a generator is tranformed into electrical energy and heat. And the energy to drive the generator can be magnetic, wind, solar aso. Even the human body is a source of energy that is fed by the energy contained in nutriments that is transformed into biochemical energy. Radioactive decay is also a form of energy that produces heat that is used to heat water that will drive a turbine that will drive a generator. In any case energy is not lost from the point of view of the Universe.

    The energy in the Universe is freely available. Wind, solar energy is freely available. All we have to do is tap that energy. Unfortunately it is more or less difficult to tap. You need all kinds of machinery to do that. That s where energy companies come in. And they make you PAY for their efforts.

    The question is now, why pay for something you can make yourself ? Today and thank s to internet more and more people have the possibility to make their own electrical generators or (I d prefer to say) ENERGY TRANSFORMER. The theory is there. Windgenerators, Solarpanels and now mangnet motors can be made by anyone. Not for free because you have to pay for tools and material but the energy you want to tap is FREELY available. No one is going to make you pay because the wind is blowing and the sun is shining.
    Magnet Motors is what we are talking about in this forum. Magnets are not free energy. Someone had to make the magnets and so had to put enegry into the material to make it magnetic. The good thing about magnets release that energy back into space over a very long period of time. Neodymium mangets are said to be usable for 400 years, that s 16 generations! It is not bending physics or somekind of hyperdimensional mambo jambo.

    If you make a magnet motor to transform magnetic flux into electrical flux you can be independant from energy companys. You make yourself independant from wind and sun. Wind and solar energy are not constantly available so you need to stock it in batteries which are expensive and pollute. With a magnet motor the energy is already stocked in the magnets and that stock will last for 400 years!

    The difficult thing about magnet motors is:

    to calculate the energy that they need to release to drive a generator to produce an ouput of a couple of kW.

    how to place the magnet relative to each other such the attraction and repultion keep the motor turning without having to kick it peridiocally to avoid that the magnets attract each other until the motor stops. This is what people try to achieve.

    There is no secret discovery! But of course governments that are lobbied by energy companies want to make it secret. They pay people to post all sorts of reports, documents to “proof” that this is all a scam and try to discourage anyone. It is all about money!! Imagine the multi billion dollar business they loose of everyone starts producing his own electricity and the millions of unempleoyed it will make! The impact on society would be enormous. Well, sooner or later this is going to happen anyway but that s another topic.

    Energy is FREE. We only need to find means to tap and transform it at the lowest cost possible.

    I m doing research on magnet motors and the goal is to come up with a simple way to make the necessary calculations by anyone so you can make your own magnet motor that is strong enough to drive a generator. But please don t tell anyone…it s a secret!

  72. Hello Everyone,

    Never in the history of the internet has anyone mounted a more thorough propaganda campaign. The criminals (in my opinion) behind this really know how to manipulate search engines so it’s almost impossible to find anything negative about it. In addition, chat rooms are found and bogus success stories are posted, negative comments removed. What a clever and massive effort they have demonstrated. If they devoted all that effort for the good of mankind, we would all know their names. As it is, they must hide their identity. How do we know they are bogus? In all the history of mankind no one has ever produced a free energy machine that can be operated by an independent party. Never. Not one time. Only the so called inventors can ever demonstrate it in controlled conditions. Be real, what are the chances of you the reader finding one on the internet? One that you can easily build in your spare time and can be explained with elementary school level pseudo science? No really important discovery can be kept a secret for long. The technology for the atomic bomb was even published and available to the public (it’s been recalled since).

    Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out (not to mention your wallet as well).

  73. i commend you efforts in releasing little information on magnetic generator pls if there is more detail i will like you notefy me.Thanks

  74. Energy is freely available but not for free, because you need devices to tap that energy and to distribute it to the end user. Solar Energy is free but you need Solarpanels to tap it and the are not for free.
    Energy companies mean also jobs for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. If they loose their jobs because you are not paying anymore, then you will still have to pay, because the goverment will raise tax to sustain unemployment.

    Tax is something you don’t control, but you can control your power consumption.

    Fossil fuels are coming to an end, and believe me, it wont last 100 years!. India, China, Brasil are emerging countries, If they start consuming oil like we do, in less than 30 years the wells will be empty. The first infrastructure hit by the coming oil crisis will be transportation. Think about what this means.
    Trucks, Airplanes, Ships, cars, motorcycles…no more. And anything made of oil derivates like plastic will no longer

    Nuclear power is still the cleanest energy source. The waste is a problem for many generations to come, but there is reseach done on how to reduce the halflife of radioactive waste. By injecting protons into the nucleus of an atom you can transform it into another element who’s halflife is a couple of years or even minutes.

    For the time beeing nuclear power is the future. But we are consuming more and more of electric power. For example,think about all the mobile phone and battery chargers constantly plugged in. Not much power you say? Let s see:
    USA: 300 Million people, if we assume 4 people per household, thats 75 Million housholds, we assume 4 mobile phone chargers. Chargers DO consume power even if you are not charging!!! I have one that consumes 7 Watts with no load. So we assume 4×10 Watts (when charging) x 75 Million households x 8760 hours per year = 26 280 000 000 kWh,
    consumed by chargers! But there are a lot more appliences in house holds. You can estimate the amount of energy needed by

    Energy companies need to find more Uranium to keep the power plants running, but Uranium is limited like oil! We fight wars
    for oil. We will fight wars for Uranium and other resources. And that will cost trillions that we will have to pay
    with our money and lives !!! So instead of fighting energy companies we should cooperate.

    Make your own power generator and SELL the surplus of energy to the companies who will distribute it. Make your energy
    bill negative! SELL more than you consume! Lets get back to our calculation. We replace the 10 watts consumed by an
    enegry surplus of 1kW in one hour! 75 Million x 1kW x 8760 = 657 000 TWh of saleable energy!!!

    The future is electric! So let’s be constructive!

  75. Hi my name is adam hagen my mailing adress is 13 institute terist west ousten chester le street county durham England dh21qs.I am trying to find out how to build perpetual motion magnetic generator,not looking for a bunch of bulls**t! if anyone can honestly help me with FREE advice or FREE diagrams of a free energy megnetic generator I would greatly apreciate the help.thank you

  76. Thank you all for your comments. 4 years ago a San Francisco daily, reported on this breakthrough technology, using magnets to power generators, for free, wherein the author of the newspaper article writes that very soon, this will be widely available. That was FOUR years ago. Now you we are at the stage,where using the information available, farmers co-operatives in remote parts of Africa are using it to generate electricity! It’s not about believing this is possible or not. Its about making the time and effort available. See it here at http://www.squidoo.com/free-magnet-energy.

  77. Very nice post. I\’m currently using the following system to generate my own eletricity at home:


    and I went from paying $178.40 (monthly) in electricity bills to $23.90 and I\’m very happy with it. I\’m gonna try to implement some of your ideas into a experimental model for my farm.

  78. This is great. I want to help by helping you build it in
    Canada. Please forward any instructions that you can give.

    Thank you so much for this information.

    Yours truly

  79. magniwork review- link us to a site of your video of the device powering your kitchen like you said it does and make believers out of us, your selling the mini romag (not the generator the aussies built that will work) but your add shows their generator not romag your a thiefand should be blocked

  80. the magniworks review just a couple above is a lyer and should be removed -spammer this will never power a kitchen but will produce power i hate when these people jump in with there products that are suppose to be free and try to make money the (august 14 post)

  81. P.S If anybody would rather not buy the ebook and build one themselves, then please do let me know by email, on my page, and depending on the number of inquries,i could build and sell them to you, but please bear in mind that i live in Kenya, East Africa so you will have to pay some heavy shipping charges and any tax when it comes as an import into your country. PLease leave a message at http://www.squidoo.com/free-magnet-energy, and if you get a chance you can rate me to please.
    Another alternative is that as i know how to make it work, those of you who buy the ebook, can then let me know you bought it from my site, and within the 60 day money back period, i can offer free support by email, or if YOU can call international, then you can call me for free advise on phone. But only in english.

  82. This does work. I use it. I bought after looking around. The product i bought did have simple instructions to follow, and there is assistance by email. All i can say is that if you buy here at http://www.squidoo.com/free-magnet-energy you do get a 60 days no questions money back guarantee. When i bought it, twice i nearly went for the refund, but i decided aganist it, and now, after trial and error it works very well. This page, http://www.squidoo.com/free-magnet-energy is my own, and i do get a commission, but only after your 60 days money back guarantee is over, which gives you enough time to try it out and make it a success or get your money back. Good luck, i hope more people use this technology to help reduce carbon emissions.

  83. Dear colleges, don´t beleive in this model. Nobody can build it because the measurements are wrong. Is imposible to fit the magnets into the U shapes.

  84. Thanks for the instruction on how to build a magnet generator.

    I have a question that I have not found. How long will the magnets keep spinning before it loses its kinetic energy? Or would the pulling and pushing forces spin it perpetually?

  85. I need a mini light version of this consept. I also need an Electrical Engineer, (unemployed or employed) to work with me to get a project off of the ground. I am also seeking Marketing Specialist to assist in this venture.

    What is the total weight of this unit.
    Can this concept be made lighter.

    I will explain why when contacted.
    [email protected]

  86. I just wanted to share the fact that sanguinaria canadenis (common name is bloodroot) if used properly will cure resperatory
    illness! if anyone is interested please refer to this page

  87. first off this is not mine it is open public info i never built one but do have the rotor so far and axle i was just letting everyone know not to buy that magniworks crap this is the product they are selling and its not the item they show in the video sorry for all the confusion as for me i just want to see the motor part run by itself ….

  88. How can this plan be advertised as a free energy system that will save you money on your electricity bill, firstly the supposed output of the generator is most certainly not useful in any way, other than to indicate whether or not the generator actually stands up to its claims. Therefore the testimonials of immediate power savings on electrical bills have to be false. How about posting a you tube clip of a working model.

  89. are these plans your design and your drawings.i know of another company selling these exact plans woord for word. Diagrams are identical.

  90. Dear Sir/madam,

    I am very interesting on construct a MINI ROMAG to compare it with other equipments.

    IF You can supply the required material please could you send me the price and details to [email protected].


  91. So, you start it with batteries – right? Once it starts generating power, then what is the load (work) that you put on it? The only true measure of power output has to be actual work, whether it be charging a battery, or running a light bulb over TIME. Just measuring an output with a meter is not valid, since that could simply represent potential energy. Besides, you could be measuring something different. For example, if you measure just voltage going in and horsepower or wattage going out, you have missed an important comparison. Voltage means nothing without a measure of the current (amperage) as well. And a measure of power” either “wattage” or “horsepower” of a motor that is not doing any work is only a measure of potential energy.

  92. By the well established principle of Conservation of Energy,
    otherwise known as the Fisrt Law of Thermodynamics, this device cannot possible work. Any energy output measured will be less than the energy put into the device when “charging up”.

  93. i think u are close ut i also know that your design is false.. i will give u a clue 2 build a free magenit genaritor.. think of this a pice of paper .. on 1 side it positive and the ovhet begitive.. now make it in to a loop .. next sheeet of paper wrap aronf it.. but make it so that boath nevitive face each other .. so first 1 id=s positive in side and negitave outdide.. the next 1 is negitive in dise dand positive out side,, and so on…. i will give u more detaid .. if u need them .. contact me..

  94. I’m ready to buy right now, not matter what the cost.

    [email protected]

    Please someone send me details on alternative energy sources, I live in the mountains and there are no power lines for miles and am looking for the best alternative for free energy.

    What is the best alternative?
    I would like a magnet kit and windmill + solar panels if all of that would be enough.

    Anything out there really powerful to supply me with all the energy I need in our large cabin built miles away from civilization?

    Please email
    [email protected]

  95. Is there a kit with detailed instructions and if there is how much does it cost (shipping included). I am quite interested in this.

  96. Dear sir I was wonder to hear this that we can build this kind of machine plz send me the detail price i think its hard to build it but i would like to buy this because we really need it because we are running a small school for poor childrens who can not afford it but in my country its very hard to have a electrecity for the school ecause its price is so high,I am anxiously waiting for your reply thank u

  97. This is great. I was wondering if you could send me a price for a kit and a hard copy of instructions like this as well. I would like to see what it can do. Scaling up as a future project will be fun also.

    Thank you so much,


  98. Opps, this last message I forgot to put it is about your MINI ROMAG, Sorry and thanks again

    You can also send me the price on a complete kit if you have one put together. This could be scaled up with an dc to ac invertor and retifier. Would be interesting to see what we can do with it. I could also help get you free money for research with a debit card program my wife and I are creating to help the people of this world. Please email me back when you have time.

    Thanks in advance, Leon

    [email protected]

  99. You can also send me the price on a complete kit if you have one put together. This could be scaled up with an dc to ac invertor and retifier. Would be interesting to see what we can do with it. I could also help get you free money for research with a debit card program my wife and I are creating to help the people of this world. Please email me back when you have time.

    Thanks in advance, Leon

    [email protected]


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