Kandle Heeter – How to Heat Up Your Room Using a Candle

The Kandle Heeter has been invented by Doyle Doss, a Northern California inventor, and is what it looks like: a candle heater!

It sounds simple, but it really is a green energy device that could save you a lot of money by only lighting a candle, in the long run.

The CO2 output of the Kandle Heeter is too small to mention, and the materials that this device is made of are all here since the Earth exists.

The Kandle Heeter is a multi-core steel and ceramic radiator assembly, suspended above the candle on a solid steel stand. The radiator absorbs and concentrates the thermal energy of the candle and converts it into dry radiant space heat. If you burn candles, now you can add their heat to your home or office.

There is also an “electric candle” option that uses a 60 watt quartz halogen lamp; that works out to about 6 cents for 10 hours of “burn” time.

“Steel has the ability to approach the temperature of its heat source,” says the Kandle Heeter inventor, “so the solid steel inner core will go as high as 550° Fahrenheit. That high inner temperature is mitigated to a very warm 160° to 180° on the outer surface. As long as the candle remains under the steel the surface is constantly emitting dry radiant heat.”

The simple elegant design has no moving parts. The unglazed terra cotta is nicely complemented by the natural finish on the solid steel stand. The overall appearance of the candle heater is at once very striking, unusual and definitely organic.

What’s new is an “electric candle” option that takes advantage of the fact that 90% of the energy that goes into an incandescent lamp is “wasted” as heat. “We take the waste heat of an incandescent lamp and pump it into the radiator assembly. If the electric energy is coming from a renewable source then the use is green and sustainable,” says Mr. Doss. This is very efficient and inexpensive way to add a bit of heat to an otherwise cold room.

The electric candle heater is pictured below:

The Kandle Heeter Candle Holder is available on Doyle Doss’s website. It is definitely an excellent gift for a candle-loving, green optimistic friend.

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