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Robert Downey Jr. Wants to Clean Up Earth With Robots and AI


After saving the earth a few times on the big screen, Robert is now taking real action.

“Iron Man” spoke at this year’s re:MARS conference in Las Vegas — an event hosted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos — about how robotics, AI, and other advanced technologies could be the solution for reversing humanity’s destructive carbon footprint.

He announced a brand-new initiative called Footprint Coalition, which sounds like something the fictional Tony Stark, who he plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, would come up with.

Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years,” relaying that he had been given these insights a few weeks back by a roundtable of experts. “God I love experts. They’re like Wikipedia with character defects,” he joked during his talk.


This isn’t the first time Downey Jr. has taken AI and other advanced technologies beyond the role of his Marvel character Tony Stark. Together with his wife Susan Downey, Downey Jr. has also been producing a docu-series about AI for YouTube. The eight-episode, hour-long series, which was first announced a year ago, is meant to explore AI and the impact it will have on people’s lives.

But details on what the Coalition will actually do specifically and how it will get funding are still sparse. A new website went up shortly after Downey Jr.’s announcement with a simple sign-up sheet — but that’s pretty much the extent of what we know about the effort.

The Footprint Coalition is scheduled to launch by April 2020.

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