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Laser Marking Technology for Increased Sustainability


Industrial practices have to be adjusted for sustainability in order to minimize our carbon footprint significantly. While households can employ greener practices, it’s large corporations that contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions so if they joined in on the practice of using cleaner and greener energy, the impact would be phenomenal.

This is what laser marking and cleaning solutions emerging companies can help you do. Technology for this kind of laser marking is world-class, meeting traceability requirements in the automotive and manufacturing industries so that you are assured efficiency in your processes for a lifetime.

Laser Marking ensures product traceability.

Traceability is highly important in the automotive industry. All parts have to be labeled with serial numbers, barcodes, or QR codes in order for them to be identifiable even as they travel through the production line.

If there are defective products, it’s easier to trace where they are in the whole system and recall them.

Imagine a mass recall where a certain product was defective. It would be so much easier to pinpoint which particular part isn’t performing if they all had readable markings on them.

These are high-quality marking systems.

The laser marking technology ensures that the marks made on the parts are readable. No amount of corrosion, rust, or other effects brought about by exposure to the elements could affect the markings on the product with this kind of technology.

This high quality marking can be ensured throughout a part or product’s life cycle. No matter the normal wear and tear that a piece of material could be subject to, the marking will stay the same. It will remain highly readable even until the very end.

An overall greener practice can be achieved.

Laser marking technology is more environmentally friendly because they don’t use ink. As a result, they don’t require additional solvents that have to be incorporated into the system. The technology that makes the marks more long-lasting eliminates the need for recall, replacement, or remarking.

Inkjet printing also has several other components that easily malfunction – a nozzle could clog, for example. This increases the need for maintenance and repairs, lowering the efficiency of the whole production line. Marks made via ink are not going to be as readable 50 years from now as they were the first time they were printed. They will not be able to withstand the normal wear and tear on the material, and will definitely decrease readability and traceability for the product.

The efficiency that the laser marking process employs is remarkably higher compared to other marking processes. There are no post-processing activities involved after the marking so this increases overall efficiency. No additional maintenance is required for additional parts to the system.

Make Your Markings Permanent

Overall, you mark your parts or product for everything to be readable and easily identifiable for you even in the future. Laser marking is the best tool for anyone looking to be more efficient as well as sustainable in the automotive or metal parts industries.

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