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Earthship: Dennis Weaver's Proof You Can Build Greener

MJ 99 70 Dennis 2a 150x150 Earthship: Dennis Weaver's Proof You Can Build GreenerDennis Weaver (1924-2006), a retired actor, environmentalist, humanitarian, has built a house whose walls are made of nothing but rubber tires and cans. It is very energy-efficient, as he himself discovered, powered mostly by solar panels and renewable energy. The Earthship’s monthly energy bill is only $50 (it’s very little, considering its size).

The house he built was called “the Earthship”, and it’s the most interesting home I’ve seen. He started the construction in 1989, and the movie below is the proof. It’s not something new, but the idea is worth considering if you’re on a low budget and you want to help the environment, too, by getting rid of those rubber tires in a fashionable way.

Still, there’s one question I’d like to ask anyone who has more experience than I have on this: what’s going to happen to the tires sustaining the house? For how long is this construction going to last? After its eventual demolition, what happens to the tires? Are they going to be burned?

I don’t say this project is perfect, but anyway it’s a nice idea. Take a look!

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Simon Mayport
Simon Mayport

The homes can also look pretty darned smart. Gone are the days of the rough hippy house. We are now seeing classic designs with modern interiors yet exception environmental friendly.


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