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Aquafairy's New Range of Cheap Fuel Cells for Portable Electronic Devices

aquafairy 1 vtK9m 69 300x226 Aquafairy's New Range of Cheap Fuel Cells for Portable Electronic DevicesToday, the commercially available devices powered by fuel cells are still pretty pricey, but Kyoto-based Aquafairy has presented a new range of affordable fuel cells for portable electronic devices.

The highly efficient fuel cells have been developed in four variants to suit individual requirements, being able to power notebooks, cellphones or portable gaming devices. Their four new fuel cells include the FC-Cube (3W), the FC-Cube Dual (6W), the FC-Stick (2W) and the micro FC Stick (0.8W).

Unlike the other three chargers that are able to supply energy using only hydrogen (the FC-Cube is able to power a Nintendo DS and the FC-Stick can supply enough energy to charge a cell phone), the FC Cube Dual can power a standard notebook for about 3 hours, being connected to a lithium-ion battery.

Aquafairy wants to sell their fuel cells in Japan by the end of this year, which include a hydrogen cartridge and a power unit. For example, an FC-Stick will be made available for $22 with one cartridge retailing for $1.10.

For more information watch the following video:

[Source: CrunchGear]

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