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BP Wind Energy to Build 150MW Wind Farm in Texas

texas wind energy 300x200 BP Wind Energy to Build 150MW Wind Farm in TexasBy the end of the year, we expect to see a new wind farm in Texas, USA, according to global brand BP Wind Energy. In a way, this is the company’s “baby,” because it is entirely owned and operated by them.

The farm’s name is the Sherbino 2 Wind Farm and its construction has just taken off in Pecos County, in the western part of the state.

What are the expectations from this plant? To begin with, it’s set to provide electricity for 45,000 homes after its completion in 2011.

During the construction period, the project is expected to be a good thing for the area: offering new jobs for the locals, increased revenue for the community and cheap power for households.

The wind farm will have 60 Clipper Windpower C-96 turbines, with a capacity of 2,5MW each and will cover a surface of 20,000 acres. This sets the state of Texas one step ahead in the rank of US’ installed wind power capacity hierarchy.

[via NewNet]

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