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The First Floating Wind Farm to Replace Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Fukushima wind farm 300x226 The First Floating Wind Farm to Replace Fukushima Nuclear PlantThe Fukushima disaster in the spring of 2011 was first of all an environmental disaster for Japan. But like the Phoenix bird that is reborn from its own ashes, the site could become the home of world’s first offshore, floating wind farm.

The government intends to install two 7-megawatt turbines and another 2-megawatt turbine off the coast of the prefecture: first the smaller one this year and the rest in a couple of years, respectively 2015.

An official announcement from Mitsubishi, one of the companies involved, speaks about this being an “experimental project to spawn a new industry in renewable energy and create employment.” It seems to us that the government is trying to re-invent the site, since¬†nuclear power is no longer welcomed in the country, to say the least.

Destined to be installed from 12 to 25 miles off the eastern coast, the floating wind farms are part of Japan’s efforts to broaden its energy paddle and attain 1 gigawatt of offshore wind-power plants in this region out of a potential 519 gigawatts nationally.

The potential is also given by an already existent grid line that is no longer used, so the spot couldn’t be more promising. Let’s just hope that, for Japan’s sake, the government will pull this through!

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