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Time for an Electric Road Trip? Tesla’s Supercharger Network is LIVE in California

Fullscreen capture 10222012 63845 PM.bmp Time for an Electric Road Trip? Teslas Supercharger Network is LIVE in CaliforniaElectric vehicles [EVs] are still struggling, as a market segment, to get into the mainstream. Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, knows this, and is taking it personally. The only way make EVs popular is to show how useful they can be. We reported to you recently that Tesla’s Supercharger Network was to play a major role in changing public perception of EVs, and they’ve finally been unveiled.

At six locations across California, Tesla’s Supercharger Network will make it easier for drivers of the Tesla Model S to get around on free solar energy. Tesla already leads the EV industry in range, power, and luxury. Now Tesla takes another step further into the lead position, offering free fuel, forever.

Elon Musk, also Chairman of SolarCity, has worked to combine the two company’s strengths into one excellent product, the Tesla Supercharger Network. Limited to six locations at the moment, Musk plans to have solar-powered superchargers installed across the whole of the US and into Canada, making it possible to

The six Tesla Superchargers are located an average of 130 miles apart, spread out from Sacramento to Los Angeles, which means that, theoretically, you could take a road trip from Eureka, CA to Tijuana, Mexico. On the 18-hour trip, you would pay nothing for fuel, and recharging could only take a total of 3 hours, or 30 minutes at each stop.

Tesla’s Supercharger Network currently has six locations in: Folsom, Gilroy, Lebec, Barstow, Coalinga, and Hawthorne, conveniently located to access most of the state without a single drop of fuel, without a single penny of recharging costs.

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