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China’s Wind Energy Investments at an All-Time High

China_Wind_EnergyIn China, wind energy is quickly overtaking coal and hydro power to become a major source of electricity. In fact, wind energy in China now accounts for 5.3 per cent of the country’s generating capacity and supplies about 2% of its electricity.

However, China has such a major air pollution issue that 2% wind energy electricity is in no way sufficient to make a dent.

Experts forecast a modest recovery in both financing activity and construction in 2013, and the fact that wind energy overtook nuclear as a generation source even in its most challenging year of recent times is a testament to the massive scale and momentum of the industry in this country.

New wind investments were worth $US27.2 billion in 2012, down 12%. Turbine costs fell 10 % as suppliers lowered prices.

China’s adoption of renewable energy has surprised pundits. According to preliminary Bloomberg New Energy Finance research, some 11% of total electricity generation by 2020 will come from non-hydro renewable sources.

Last year, according to BNEF, China added 80GW, with coal-fired places accounting for about 60 % of that increase.

And, on a related note, experts have determined the level of infrasound, or low-frequency sound, at residences close to wind turbines is negligible. In fact, the policy director of Clean Energy says the findings take the emphasis off wind turbines as a source of infrasound and instead demonstrate the culprits are traffic, urban environments, and air conditioners.

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