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Google Expands Googleplex Offices in Green Fashion

GoogleplexGoogle has long been envied for its spectacular work environment, and if the company’s vision comes to fruition, major changes to its environmentally friendly “Googleplex” in Mountainview, California will take place and be ready by 2015.

Working with the Seattle-based architectural firm NBBJ to expand its current “Googleplex,” the company is planning a spectacular 1.1 million square foot addition to the current structure on a 42-acre site; the company is calling it “Bay View.”

In this case, Google has made function a priority over form and the design was derived based on the company’s employee analytics. The complex has been designed around the awareness of employee day-to-day work habits, the preferences and motivations of the employees, layout logistics based on synergy, and general happiness.

In actuality, the new design isn’t that big of a stretch from Google’s current work environment but does include a host of courtyards and pathways, quiet workspaces, natural lighting in shared and social spaces, and gourmet cafes. These areas will be connected by a series of bridges that will provide employees access to an outdoor café, meeting space, and environmentally friendly roof.

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