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Help The Electretta Get Born

Help Us Build THE Electric Car!

We’ve been blogging about electric cars and alternative energy for more than 4 years – they’re fascinating.

On the other hand, we are tired of hearing how expensive an electric sportscar is ($100,000+) and how only a handful of people can afford one.

We decided that it’s time to show the world that an electric sportscar CAN BE CHEAP!

That’s why now we, a team of EV enthusiasts, want to convert a gas-guzzler into an electric beauty, a car that’s zero emissions and 1000% fun.


Electric Motor meets Fiat Barchetta

Here she is:

After the conversion, we’ll call her Electretta.

You think it’s expensive, but it’s really not. You can get her for at least $1,500 (in an acceptable condition) to $3,000 maximum.

That’s the price of a 1995 Barchetta, but actually the most significant difference between it and the 2005 version is the front bumper, so why should I pay more?

We need money to convert this car. Like all startups, now we only have about the money to buy the car, and we need a lot more to complete the mission: about $25,000.


It’s for a noble cause!

Now, the Fiat Barchetta has a 1.8L engine, delivers 130 bhp and eats up 11.8L of gasoline per 100 kilometers (19.93 MPG).

Tens of thousands of Barchettas out there are struggling to stay alive and not end up in a junkyard because of their age and high fuel consumption, although they’re nice cars to drive.

We want to save one from a sure death and make it road legal, it’s the dream of a lifetime!


Wanna know how you’ll feel driving the Electretta?

It will be fully digital, with an Android (or iPad, we’re not decided yet) tablet as its control panel of everything, and through our electronics and programming experience we will give it:

– biometric (fingerprint) authentication and start
– voice control
– smart motor management for increased battery autonomy
– GPS alarm
– videophone with on-windshield HUD (heads-up display)
– wireless internet
– 0 – 60 mph acceleration: 5-6-7s (depending on the battery I’ll manage to get)

In other words, the car will be a marvel that we will build for under $20,000. Afterwards, we will put out energy into creating an even better one, maybe a family car, make it road legal, gadgetize it, and so on.

Whoever will drive this car will not suffer from range anxiety! Ever! 


Because we’ll also integrate a small gasoline generator for emergency situations, for when battery power is not enough to reach a charging point or drops below 20% or a programmable value. You won’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

We’ll use a powerful 9″ or 11″ electric motor, equivalent to the one in the first version of White Zombie, the car that beat up a Nissan GTR, Porsche, you name it. The battery will have at least 22 kWh of power and will be able to take you at least the distance the Nissan Leaf takes you (you buy that for more than 30,000 euros, and it’s not by far this cool).

Moreover, it’ll feature a standardized compatible charger, unlike most of the non-standard conversions out there, so you’ll be able to charge it virtually anywhere you charge a factory-made electric car. Being out of standards sucks nowadays, especially since big companies started putting chargers everywhere.

How do you know we’ll keep our word?

I’ll detail every step of the conversion on www.Electretta.com (I already bought the domain name and I’ll set it up in the near future). We’ve been here for 4 years and we’re not going anywhere. If you can instead help us with parts (9″ or 11″ DC electric motor, 1000-amp controller, batteries), your contribution is even more welcome!

For the price of a pizza you can buy us one of Electretta’s 120 LiFePO4 batteries.

Finally, here’s a nice and secure PayPal donation button at your disposal:

 I’ll make every single donor a lifetime member of the Electretta club, and they’ll get full benefits once profits will have started to show.

Want to know even more?

No problem! You can write a message by using this form and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the Electretta and how it’s going to be transformed.

It’ll be a marvelous project! We’ll be delighted to have you onboard our team of sponsors!


Ovidiu Sandru,
CEO & founder

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