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UK Large-Scale Solar Power Plant to Power 1,000 Dorset Homes

Dorset solar plant 300x153 UK Large Scale Solar Power Plant to Power 1,000 Dorset HomesThe British company Eco Sustainable Solutions has recently put forward its plans to develop a large-scale solar power plant in Dorset, UK. Eco Sustainable Solutions, in partnership with Dorset County Council and Natural England are to install about 30,000 photovoltaic solar panels on a field that is currently used for turf cultivation.

The project, called Parley Solar Farm, aims to produce an estimated 5MW a year and will save more that 1,000 tons of carbon while powering 1,000 homes each year. Eco’s Managing Director, Trelawney Dampney is confident about the work, “Parley Solar Farm will be a first for Dorset, offering a low carbon, renewable energy source.”

The Parley Solar Farm will be the first from a series of generation systems that aim at producing a total of 12MW of renewable energy. The project will include panels located on a frame of approximately 180cms, directed south at an angle between 30 and 35 degrees.

However, Eco’s director declared that, “Our plans are just at the proposal stage and we’re keen to hear the views of interested parties before preparing and submitting a formal planning application.” Eco Suistainable Solutions is currently inviting associations and other groups to join a public exhibition at its offices in Parley.

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