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Two-Seater Electric Vehicle Built by Nissan Resembles a Go-Cart


Nissan has recently exhibited a new concept car (a two-seater electric vehicle)  that is very similar to a go-cart and is known as New Mobility. Nissan, who stated its ambitions to be among the top sellers of zero-emission cars, now plans to produce an annual 250,000 electric vehicles, starting December.

The company, in alliance with the European car-maker Renault, estimates that together will produce a total of 500,000 cars per year. Therefore, Nissan plans to sell its newest product on a high scale.

Corporate vice-president of the company, Hideaki Watanabe, declared that “We don’t want EVs to be a niche product.” Nissan also made a partnership with the Japanese electronics maker NEC Corp, that will produce batteries.

The new electric vehicle is not built for the motorway as it will only be able to run for a maximum of 100 kilometres at a speed of 75 km per hour. To make the vehicle more attractive and accessible to customers, Nissan is also setting up around 80 charging stations for electric vehicles around the world.

The company hasn’t made public the car’s price yet, but remarked that there is a growing interest in zero-emission vehicles. Nissan has also set up a company that recycles the batteries used for these cars, either to be sold further on or to be used as storage.

[via cbcNews]

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