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Elon Musk Tweet: Your Tesla Might Soon Make you Money if You Don’t Use It


Car-sharing program by Tesla might very soon give Uber and Lyft a good run for their money. Tesla Network is getting close to becoming very real.

Elon Musk has been teasing his followers and customers for quite some time now. He has been dropping hints about his brand new car sharing program, but nothing has sounded really serious. Just when we were about to forget about it, Musk sent a Tweet that started up the fire again. He pretty much told everyone to have a little patience and wait until the end of the month to hear more.

The car sharing program, which he intends to set up, is called Tesla Network. It is part of his so-called “Master Plan Part Deux”. The program allows Tesla owners to sort of “rent out” their cars, when they don’t use them. In this way, your Tesla will be bringing you revenue. You can think of it as a small reward for taking the bike to work that morning.

Now, Tesla cars are not cheap. Therefore, I wouldn’t blame any owner for being hesitant to give their car to a complete stranger, regardless of the money this might bring them. Of course, Musk has thought of this too. Autonomous driving and an internal camera (already seen inside the Model 3), will give the owner that small peace of mind.

These features are only a small part of what Tesla has to offer. The cars of the future are built in a way that any additional gadget, or necessary accessory can be easily added to the model to comply with all requirements and needs a customer might have. Some of the new capabilities will also be presented on April 22nd during an exclusive investor event at the Palo Alto Headquarters. I’m guessing this is when we’ll hear more about the Tesla Network too.

I know of quite a few similar programs running across Europe (not with autonomous vehicles, of course, but still electric). I wonder what Musk is going to pull out of his sleeve to make Tesla Network stand out, be different and be unique.

Let’s wait and see.

Image (c)  Tesla

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