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Electric Van Races Tesla and Wins (video)



An electric van produced by a Silicon Valley startup, Atieva, has raced a Tesla and a Ferrari California, in California, and won. Edna, as they called it, is the company’s first prototype.

Now based on a Mercedes Vito, Edna packs 900 horsepower and an all-wheel drivetrain.

Well, the guys from Atieva have seemingly attracted talent from Tesla (not a hard thing to find in CA these days), to make their electric van reach 60 mph in just over 3 seconds.

A sedan will follow sometime in 2018, and we’re suspecting it’s going to compete with the Tesla Model 3. Of course, production models rarely reach the performance levels of their prototypes, but in the case of electric drivetrains this is not very unlikely.

So, the yet another underdog challenges the alpha in the electric auto industry, just like Tesla did and does to this day. Just like Apple challenged IBM and was later challenged by Google and so on. This is called evolution, folks.

Enjoy the movie:

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