LAX Scraps Free Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces to Generate Revenue

LAXDespite setting up 38 charging stations in two different lots and offering electric vehicle drivers free parking spaces, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has decided to now charge EV drivers for the parking spots.

The decision was based purely on numbers. The airport needs additional parking revenue, and the break for EV drivers was the next to go.

LAX previously eliminated free parking for cars with handicap identification.

This decision may end up being a deterrent for EV drivers.

Since LAX’s initial offering of 30 days of free parking, EV sales have tripled and the demand, and need, for these parking spaces is controversial.

EV drivers’ main point of contention is based on the fact that by offering free spaces for 30 days, drivers were saving nearly $30 a day – a huge benefit to frequent fliers.


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