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AB Engine 44% More Efficient Than Any Other ICE


AB_EngineOn November 14, 2012 AB Engine, Inc. was granted a Chinese patent titled “High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine” which protects and details a method of converting thermal energy of burning fuels in internal combustion engines to mechanical power – leading to the highest efficiency possible.

Unlike the somewhat similar Atkinson engine design, the AB Engine’s technology can be implemented easily without mechanical complications or the typical issues that accompany conventional engine designs.

By modifying and tweaking an existing conventional engine, AB Engine has already created and tested an in-house prototype. In fact, testing of the AB Engine method determined that using regular 87 grade gasoline yielded 44% more fuel efficiency than all other conventionally designed engines.

AB Engine believes its new technology is promising due to its unprecedented efficiency which lowers carbon dioxide and nitric oxide emissions into the environment. Greater efficiency, less pollution.

The President of AB Engine believes the company can make a significant contribution to bettering the world and hopes the engine will make a positive impact on the environment. AB Engine is currently looking for partnering opportunities and seeks those companies looking for marketable applications in automobiles, light or stationary electrical generators, or boats and ships.

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