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100 Electric Car Charging Stations Planned for Massachusetts


The state of Massachusetts will benefit 100 electric vehicle charging stations in the near future, officials announced on Wednesday. Cities and towns interested in installing electric car stations are expected to apply to the program within 60 days. The project has been credited with $200,000 from the state buget.

The program isn’t only to the benefit of Massachusetts’ residents, but also encourages the development of lithium ion battery companies. “This pilot program is a critical step in helping our communities and citizens prepare for the entry of electric vehicles to the Massachusetts market in 2011,” Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary, Ian Bowles explains.

Bowles also highlighted in his announcement the importance of these charging stations. As he puts it, “Electric vehicle technology is a significant way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand our clean energy economy, but it will only be adopted by consumers if there are places where vehicles can be re-charged away from home.”

[Source: Boston Business Journal]

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