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Zoe Preview: Renault’s New-Age Gadgetized Electric Car Concept at Paris Motor Show 2010


When I first saw it at this year’s Paris Motor Show, I thought I was looking at something having to do with Steve Jobs, or something called iCar… but it was not like that at all. Renault’s Zoe Preview really is French, and also has a gadget-like touch and feel.

The technical specs of this car are not very important to mention, though it’s worth saying it features an 80 hp electric motor with a torque of 222 Nm, enough for city driving (similar to many of today’s diesels).

What’s most important about Zoe Preview is that it has a ton of new-age features like skin hydration, automatic air cleanser and even light and scent therapy (in collaboration with Philips). If, for example, you’re on your way home, the car will emit a relaxing scent, or if you’re caught driving in the middle of the night, stimulating scents will help you stay alert.

The Zoe Preview can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours in normal mode, or you can power 80 percent of its battery in 30 minutes. Also, a 37-mile charge can be obtained in less than 10 minutes. Its battery will be fully compatible with Better Place’s swap system, which will change the existing energy storage with a charged one in less than three minutes.

The 2010 Paris Motor Show hosts this little gadgetized electric car. The pictures and video below have been shot there by me. They even put a green plant inside, just to let you know it’s different.

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